Why do some seemingly bad Web browsing experience has been in existence


so, for the website, how to use a good browsing experience? Look at this point, a potential competition site, mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the data integrity of the website, because this is the key part to provide information and more selective for customers through effective, product or service information will ensure maximum extent of transaction orders. On the other hand is the web browsing experience, such as the amount of text information and pictures inside the website size, which may affect the visitors experience the place.

a beautiful site, without any loading procedures, pictures are very clean pages, access is very smooth, this website is the website can give a good evaluation of five-star plus we have in mind, this website if you stand on the user experience, browsing without hindrance, but should be good, actually! Always a gap between ideal and reality, and we visit the vast majority of sites are not so dry, this is why

Because we will be in

product pictures, text and other information in a more perfect way to join the web page at the same time, the website will also because of the large amount of data, and slowly, it will lead to visitors when browsing the website we need a lot of time to wait. If from the perspective of service providers, this is not a qualified service.


but actually? We do not look at the corporate website, also do not have to access the marketing website is how to do, we will look at the web site to see the founder of construction company is how to build your own web site, how to use web design to meet user browsing experience: in the lower right corner of the pop-up contact me, in the middle of the site contact me, and in the view pop-up information in less than 10 seconds, and pop-up contact me…… Don’t bother annoying, so users can anger user experience is not as early as the ban, however, almost 80% of the sites have such a program, which shows that this seemingly crazy pop-up program is the reason of existence of


may have different purposes, different ways of seeing things. A business manager said, we have a website, but the website contact is not so complete, do not publicize pictorial! Results, the following people did, the user calls a lot less, and later re printed posters, electric > User

sometimes, feel good, is in fact to their own digging, for the boss, all who hope that their boss is moderate, however, those that survived the boss of the company, usually is very strict. When decorating a house, at first we hope that their own private space should be clean, and in fact, mixed seems a bit messy living room more home; a fascinating drama, variety shows, often the story is not always coherent, commercials, and many of the audience, is willing to accept the……

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