There is no shortcut to Shanghai dragon journey

meal and a bite to eat a piece of things to do in this pretty Street run in college students, we should put down the so-called face down, we have been holding the dignity, especially the technology of cattle, professional fine, ability is not strong, just out of the lack of experience college campus, what is worth bragging, proud of what it is, if you were born 20 years ago, perhaps the proud capital, after all that time of college students is a national treasure, the genuine goods at a fair price, and now the college students? Blind enrollment of college teachers, but you can’t follow that caused the current college students general quality shrink. Put it down, if you are not rich handsome, if your father is not Li Gang, please put away your proud heart, low that arrogant head, look now, the sense of doing everything in the work.

long ago, when I was studying the sketch, I remember the beginning of the two day, the art teacher let us do two things, one is a pencil, and one is on paper painting line, has been painting, repeated painting. Crossed seems simple, actually want to draw good is difficult, the sketch is composed by lines, each piece of work is drawing out lines, the picture is not good, how can we talk about a good painting. Painting line is just like our extrapolation personnel are now doing, although very boring, although very boring, but after all is must go through each of the Shanghai dragon, but also learn to cook a few months practicing knife work, what this difficult fear.


Shanghai Dragon

journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, no matter what things to step by step, Shanghai dragon is a long-term process of accumulation, is a process of experience summary, without actual baptism of the Shanghai dragon ER will not be called a real dragon in Shanghai ER. Many online training courses in Shanghai Longfeng boasting 3 days to learn Shanghai dragon, even saying zero base one day become Shanghai dragon expert, Shanghai dragon expert if really so worthless, so the streets are full of Shanghai Longfeng experts. Will not have to spend so high salary to please people willing to give a company, got two thousand dollars.

a thousand miles. A small stream, no rivers.

There is no shortcut to

a few days ago, the new company to a colleague, I have been assigned to this group, engaged in the construction of the chain, told him I was chatting, this is the first job in his life. The new person, the beginning is full of passion, hope to be able to flex its muscles, working enthusiasm that is quite high. But a few days later, he complained to me feel this work is not what meaning, not learn something useful, very confused, every day to repeat work, feel their value is not reflected, and had expected completely different, that kind of feeling, I believe many of my friends have experienced. In fact, I want to say, a thousand miles begins with a single step, Shanghai, there is no shortcut,

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