You ask me how long have to learn Shanghai dragon’s answer is ten thousand years


Knowledge has no limit. ah, my friends, if you ask me how long I have to learn the Shanghai dragon, the answer is ten thousand years! If you think you have learned Shanghai dragon, then you really dangerous, because you are likely to be eliminated by the time changes in the Shanghai dragon industry. So it is very important to study constantly. I said is not alarmist, you experience a few days recently most is June 22nd love Shanghai big update it, how many webmaster of the site is K? How many people are in dire straits? Once the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon means now is not working, so if you are stuck in the previous thinking obviously, you have OUT. Shanghai Longfeng method before it is applicable now many already cannot be used again to enterprise news station as an example, please see below:


in a survey, how many people are at pains to update the daily news? How many people are talking about so far? The company at present by enterprise news poison. To explain what is going on: I worked in Hubei chengli special automobile company in early 2011, is mainly responsible for the Hubei chengli special automobile company website Shanghai dragon, I was the company’s Web site through daily updated news (of course, daily work is not only to update these, there are other outside the chain the content is always very good), and is a relatively stable rank. But this approach is not effective long-term, in 2012 April, Shanghai love big update once, many of these companies rely on every day to update the news station number is K or drop right, was very sad, do not understand why, then through the love of Shanghai’s official news to know love Shanghai to increase the punishment efforts of the news site was updated daily as I see light suddenly. "

now do Shanghai dragon and more and more people, Shanghai dragon industry is truly through the Shanghai dragon dragons and fishes jumbled together, but the people who make money is not much, but it will be not at all surprising of wealth in the hands of eighty percent, twenty percent hands, this sentence is also suitable for Shanghai Dragon industry. Survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest, Shanghai dragon industry continue to eliminate a number of industries at the bottom of the people, but also to inject some fresh blood. Speaking of Shanghai Longfeng, many people may not know what is, after all Chinese at present this circle is relatively small, but we have to admit that, with the future development of China’s Internet, Shanghai dragon industry will become increasingly popular, Shanghai dragon industry competition will be heated up. But there are still a lot of people do not understand, always ask around, Shanghai dragon how long to learn? Of course, there are a lot of fake Shanghai dragon so-called master everywhere to mislead you, especially those who engage in Shanghai dragon training some unscrupulous institutions, said Shanghai Longfeng a month kanenori package, you may think? Even if it is true, everyone can learn, so you think you have the advantage of

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