Using the experience of Shanghai do love some new methods of promotion


watermark promotion method

this method requires your article with pictures of the contents of a large number of pictures, more can play a promotion effect, we can use in each image batch watermark tools to make its tutorial picture watermark, such as small published an article about the dream build tutorial article, after adding the lower left corner of each picture a text watermark, the release, not surprisingly, once approved! (to note here, do not put a watermark in the lower right corner, because each image lower right corner there will be love.

use love Shanghai products do promotion is the basic skills of each Er Shanghai dragon is a required course, the weight of love Shanghai love Shanghai products in the search is very high, but the love experience of Shanghai as the new products, love Shanghai, love Shanghai in order to promote, in addition to love Shanghai experience knowledge sharing platform, refreshing interface clean, there are a lot of natural er from Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, love Shanghai know to love Shanghai Post Bar promotion promotion experience, but the love experience of Shanghai released audit is more and more strict, more and more difficult to pass, here Xiaobian to share some new ways of using the experience of Shanghai love do promotion, are small for personal testing, and through the audit, the successful launch of the

in the success after the release, we can modify the love experience of Shanghai article, and modify the audit pass rate is much higher than that of the first release of the audit pass rate, by this point, we will modify the "substitute" for the promotion of our content, for example, when I was in the second revision of the www.baidu贵族宝贝 changed their own promotional content, and also through a one-time audit, as shown below.

, after the first

first, I released is a set 301 redirect the set 301 redirect must have URL as examples to write articles, so the URL can be used to promote my website, but in the first release of love when Shanghai experience I didn’t do it, just as mentioned above, must be used without any advertising, promotional articles through the love experience of Shanghai audit, and I was using the baidu贵族宝贝, to replace my own web site, and successfully passed the audit, as shown below.

as the name suggests, "first mover" refers to the first release of the experience you are ready, attention must be promotional articles without any advertising, and through the love of Shanghai "after the audit experience;" is in the audit after fine-tuning and modify the contents of the article, the technical method is very strong need to plan ahead, to promote content, and "first mover" should not take advertising, promotional content as a substitute, give a case of me.

the first love experience of Shanghai promotion methods, although the promotion content is very intuitive but relatively strong, the novice is hard to introduce second kinds of methods: the watermark is extended here.


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