URL in site Specification Techniques


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1. site of URL (domain name) as short as possible

reduce the deep directory website, included help page. If the website or large website, if the directory is too deep, you can choose to use the 2 level domain name instead of very deep level directory.

in some open source forum program, CMS class program, there will be many parameters, once the parameters more, will affect the recognition engine spiders, it is easy to make the website into the spider trap. To avoid this, we recommend that you try to use static or pseudo static URL URL.

4. has a very strong descriptive

each file and directory with descriptive

3. directory level less

friends, my new domain name in the case yesterday approved, officially opened today, welcome to visit. And will their original forum successfully relocated to the new domain name two level directory, the first day of on-line love Shanghai included, and included 360 has reached 6.

URL from the principle of speaking, the best length of less than 1000 bytes, if so long even if URL can be included, the hundreds of letters requiring the user to memorize words is very difficult, so we choose URL as short as possible, the best is convenient for users to remember the URL.


7. connector using

inside the website try to use lowercase letters, is also possible because a letter will not included.

6. all lowercase letters

, the link text links correspond to the general use of connector or line.


of a URL web site in the search engine search results, is to show up, we in the website before, it is best to the directory of the file name plan ahead. So we do in Shanghai Longfeng and good user experience. The selected URL can do best to clear and convenient memory effect, and then consider the ranking.

5.URL contains keywords

The Keywords There are too many parameters to avoid

included in a URL (keyword selection step) can improve the page relevance, such as directory can use pinyin or English to name English meaning recognition directory search engine.

we need to pay attention to the following points in determining URL:

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