The stationmaster must be clear who is the man who search in the search

we all know the words "there is reason", such things are many believe in statistics, why do they exist? If you feel it’s not practical, statistics system and why do such things. In addition to love this kind of Shanghai statistics do more detailed and rich, and other statistical tools is not listed, but I believe that a lot of people watching, but few people pay attention to. So this piece of data should be analyzed how to


search in the search??? Whether the webmaster are aware of such a concept, we often say to do a website to do Shanghai dragon is very confused, quickly to the bottleneck, but in fact we live in the waste of resources of the age ", we really know who is who is in search. Search for people? Marketing Marketing Marketing, you even do not know what the object of marketing, Shanghai dragon dragon Shanghai, Shanghai dragon do you even you do not know who to see, who through the Shanghai dragon to find you, talk about what Shanghai dragon, but a tool. This isn’t real



in the user region we should attach great importance to, in the place where we browse websites what most people, most of the same transformation of whether the former three city users, we need to understand clearly, in the top three city users, we are in the area of bidding, and logistics and other services do better in marketing is targeted, because we see the site in the three city people the most, then it is easy to generate word-of-mouth marketing, then as the main site, as a carrier for the promotion of the people you know how to open the market and precise marketing mode.


neglected place:

whether it is to do marketing, Shanghai dragon is about or hit the target, and this hit is our market, the core of our users, is the most targeted marketing to do the same for the core market, potential users, we on the conversion, whether interested in our products can not grasp, the same type of user training time is needed for too long period, it is very difficult for us to realize the plan of profit, so do the promotion to hit the core user group is very necessary.

I believe that many website owners are not very concerned about it, I believe that many webmaster will not stay here for more than 10 minutes of time, or simply do not pay attention to this piece of data, because I’ve seen a lot of statistical data without stationmaster, and what is the daily tool in check, check included check the chain no statistical data, all the data speak! So this is every day thinking about how to row to the first page of the consequences, forget our core users, forget our God, to the end to them, perhaps do not know whether we admit it’s too late.

regional Who is the person who


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