The high quality of the chain webmaster trump

1), the title of the soft

The content of

with the rapid development of the Internet industry, every day there are many websites so that the website was born, competition is increasingly fierce, so for our Shanghai dragon ER competition will become increasingly fierce. So how can we win in this fierce battle? It depends on our optimization approach, some people say that "content is king, the chain for emperor", this is the point I agree, I will share my experience outside the chain.

So the author believes that the

is to share our experience with others, in fact is to reach for our purposes. In today’s society, people’s time is very valuable, it is impossible for anyone to read an article without wasting time on the practical value of the article, so we must pay attention to share your experience in writing the soft, must the viewer has received.

usually, we read newspapers, not all of the content, skim through it to the title, and then decide what to see. Do you? The Internet era, the information quantity in a state explosion, browse online patient information is less, if no way to attract people, even if soft Wen wrote again good, also greatly reduce the transmission efficiency of the soft. So I think a good soft Wen title is the key to your success.

1, how to send the chain

many friends love to the forum, blog outside the chain, this method is very effective, but I think this is not too perfect, because we in the forum outside the chain, it is bound to choose some weight higher, snapshot update faster to send the chain (for example: A5, Shanghai dragon why), like some garbage forum, low weight, post for a long time is not included, that this is not what use. We in the forum outside the chain also has a lot of attention, as some forum management is strict, be sure to take a look at the rules we send the chain, such as some specified forum can take up to a few outside the chain, every day can be made up to a few posts. If because of breaking the rules often lead you to the post was deleted, or even banned, so your chain will not come into effect.


2, how to write a soft

through the blog chain, is a very effective method, but I think we blog outside the chain, requires a lot of time to raise Bo, only make blog weight increase, you outside of the chain is more valuable, and the number of your blog will, if just a few new blog, so the effect is not ideal.

chain is the most effective or through the soft platform of submission. Write a high quality of the original article to the Webmaster Platform submission (A5, stationmaster net etc.). If approved, it will bring you a lot of reprint number you so of the chain are improved. The equivalent of writing an article is equal to the dozens of forums outside the chain.

2)The value of soft

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