Everyone in the search list teach you to solve the problem on the list

in the figure we can see, is excited by only 3, of course, most Sogou can only display 5, the heat is big to small order.


wants our brands on the list need to do keywords heat, heat is not entirely to search popularity, we see the popular search list is not entirely correct, even if we don’t go to search the key words, he will be on the list, many beginners do not understand.

excitation law: in Sogou as long as your keywords in the article are users search out even if we are in the input, why the word Zong can see, but as long as the article included He Kuzong even before the word, say a hundred percent is excited is the truth. I believe that we promote a brand keywords, certainly a lot of promotion articles include brand keywords.

in Internet search keywords, it is easy to see on the right there is a people around in the search, and the explanation is around hot words, this function is not only love everyone in Shanghai launched a search in China, there are currently three major search engine launched everyone in the search, such as searching is good hot words, Sogou search shows hot, suitable also in the hot list below. Now we mainly talk about the first people around in search of the plate, regardless of the three search engine name is the same, but the function is the difference between. Everyone is in the search means a new way to promote our Shanghai Longfeng promotion, this shows the chance of exposure so that we can quickly enhance the visibility. The brand awareness is very important, so long as we grasp this way can help the enterprise visibility, brand promotion, celebrity popularity, and the website can solve the visibility problem. But for us the bitter agents do not need to make money as long as the famous low-key enough, good nonsense not say to the point.


love Shanghai is excited everyone in the search of love: Shanghai is the most suitable for us is used to promote products list, as long as the index reached 500 have the opportunity to stimulate, so basically as long as you search for any keyword related content will appear in the list. So as long as we do the index up to OK the

The differences of

three search engine

in order to meet all kinds of search promotion needs, the author explains the ten ranking at the three search engines inspired, explain, lest a part of the promotion of don’t know how to promote, the first to talk about the one hundred percent excited the Sogou search engine.


let us look at the good search aroused by the law: to stimulate good search hot words need to calculate with the news in a number of radio frequency, and random search keywords will appear with hot words, the industry index will only search index more than 1 million appear. The authors do not suggest that you do this in a good search.

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