A5 marketing e commerce web site operators need to integrate new media platform

Sina micro-blog

selective fusion of WeChat marketing

new media, leading to more use of mobile Internet users, part of the customer flow has been transferred to the mobile media, business operators should be aware of this trend. Taobao Sina and micro-blog together, again that the electricity supplier website operators need to integrate new media platform.

integrated marketing

marketing is adventure mode electricity supplier marketing, planning and activities not integration, and will give the user objectionable consequences of marketing, cross marketing success for maximum brand benefit, so that the original is irrelevant to the elements, the mutual penetration of mutual integration, giving the brand a and three-dimensional sense of depth. The cross-border electricity supplier website marketing success stories are also many observations such as Ford wing >

from the beginning, user traffic is the core of electric business, and flourish in today’s new media on the occasion, micro-blog has become the enterprise marketing in a hotly contested spot with its enormous spread effect and interaction effect of Taobao, Sina and micro-blog jointly also showed that the electricity supplier has the natural combination of opportunity. Micro-blog has only Sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent have a place to live in, but in two micro-blog Sina micro-blog has more advantages and disadvantages, media use, more media activities held in Sina, micro-blog, and Sina platform user participation rate is very high, there are many cases of success. At the same time, the data show that micro-blog platform in 2012 statistics, the micro-blog platform for e-commerce diversion effect is obvious, more than half of micro-blog users see electronic shopping information on the micro-blog platform will enter into e-commerce sites, to further understand and operate. Website of business competitiveness is more and more big, the source of the flow has become the core of competition, using micro-blog media is the best way to drainage.

introduction: today, micro-blog and Sina series products together to create taobao贵族宝贝 officially launched, together to force social business market. On the micro-blog platform, there have been a lot of friends to experience the new features, on-line product function and caused widespread concern.

The rapid development trend of

than micro-blog WeChat is a new media platform to enrich the content of the. A micro-blog can only have 140 words, more content is required by the long micro-blog conversion tool. And push messages to users through WeChat public accounts, each can send 600 words, and can use the web links and other forms, so that the content is rich enough. At the same time, voice, video, pictures and more diverse. WeChat new media is a new marketing approach, in WeChat Taobao closed the entrance, try WeChat anti platform does not have the independent brand business platform, the establishment of independent public account, in the public account mostly to do product or brand promotion, or push some leisure, Li Zhi and other words and pictures. Reasonable use of two-dimensional code scanning, location service, promotion, group purchase, reservation recommend services to users at the same time, operators of the electricity supplier through user grouping and regional control, to achieve precise push messages, directly pushed to the potential user groups.

cross-border use of new media marketing

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