n 2016 the new Shanghai dragon optimization ideas to share

second points, called creative thinking. The function of our regional navigation will be divided into two blocks, the first importance is the aforementioned sort, this part is that everyone can see, but there are still many owners do not know the importance of this sort, if you do this the importance of your website more than 80% websites. How to become a true master, just said, 80% navigation sites follow the user’s explicit demand, so there are 20% how to do, if you rely on innovation, navigation without innovation, so we are doing the same, what search engines use your web site to the front row, if your competitors do not understand the user experience, so you can rely on importance beyond them, but if your competitors do user experience, you only through innovative thinking, to defeat them, the search engine will put your site in front of them. How to innovate, we have just said the explicit needs of users, the user demand is divided into two categories, second kinds of requirement is called implicit demand, also called the potential demand. For example, Jobs at the launch of Apple products, the user needs to know how an apple mobile phone, the user is not known, but after the launch of Apple’s mobile phone in why sell so fire, because users need such a mobile phone really. The success of Apple mobile phone is to catch the hidden needs of users. We look at this map, in the front row is not financial, entertainment, but the "100". The innovation of this "100" belongs to the individual, regardless of the.

first, I called the order of importance. Of importance is everywhere in our life, if we want to say when shopping, if you do not know how to choose, will look at the sales charts to consciousness, a direct selection of the best sales, greatly reduces the cost of our choice, from the psychology, this is called herd mentality. The list is of importance, is in line with the user experience, is essentially to solve user needs exist. We will call this demand explicit demand. To meet the user’s explicit demand is very simple, only need to put the most important, most users need to put something in front of the most prominent location of the site. What is the most important, the most simple way is to determine the amount of users through the search. The following diagram is a special type of products, through the love of Shanghai index, we can tell the user, on the small road sweeper, road sweeper sweeper pictures, video is of concern, so we put these things in front of the layout.


network with the increasingly fierce competition, our Shanghai dragon pressure on the ER is more and more big, no longer write some article to send the chain ranking can be on the homepage of the age, in addition to the conventional optimization techniques in Shanghai Longfeng, we also need to constantly innovate, do the user experience, only the user experience is better, can we hope to make our website ranking further, today, I mainly share two ideas with you, I hope you can read something.

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