Customer management Shanghai Phoenix Station Optimization modify self rating scale

with the above score range and judge description, you can put this table to potential customers for them to fill. Here is the teacher burst with 19 questions, of course you can do for their own modifications, but there must be asked, describing the importance and 3 selection. The more you subject to do the corresponding adjustment score range. The money must be sent to the customer, let the customer know this checklist is what all not fill to fill, but to clear customer site status >

Hello, teacher burst and share the topic today is the project in the document "Shanghai Phoenix Station Optimization checklist". To solve the high performance and the customer wants the gap between the professional requirements document, to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding about the guest in the process.

The first

1) 32-38: Shanghai dragon means the feasibility of high – potential projects in the space station change is very large, so in the assessment of performance should give more open bold standards.

form is a self rating scale scoring system. Every question has 3 choices, the more powerful is the optimization of higher scores. Therefore, all questions after the assessment will have a total. The teacher put the total burst into 4 fractions:

especially did new project pre-sales work friends will experience a week, there may be as many as 10 new projects or needs assessment after another, most of the customers are Small and micro businesses or very limited resources website, so for the Shanghai dragon project cooperation is very difficult to judge, not by a low estimate the customer is the overestimation of gossip, but ultimately customers the ability to reach the effect. The company met different person in charge of the project evaluation criteria and a busy almost all the face of the customer decided to take the thigh, many are not a statement or is unable to persuade customers. Then how can we change the current situation, how to make the sales department colleagues can better guide professional customers is very important. The teacher introduced the first explosion today project document, try to make the customer’s own evaluations to determine the customer’s own needs.

3) 20-26: optimization of execution is weak – basically the project is relatively small, the overall project may need a lot of luck and communication costs in the process, belong to the kind heart more tired than the project.

4) less than 20 points: difficult to effect – seems to have foreshadowed the project failure rate of 100%, because they can not change based on the Shanghai dragon is bound to commit suicide. At this time, we can not because of the need to project to flicker customers, as a professional pre-sales should inform the customer that the current Shanghai Longfeng facts may not be the most suitable choice. Also to avoid the risk of a late project personnel to be dragged down.

27-31: 2) the optimization effect is affected – the vast majority of cases have to modify the space, but there are uncertain factors, therefore to customers in the performance on 20-30% discount.

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