Case analysis the reason of the website ranking drop

, many webmaster friends will meet not easy to do up the rankings decline or disappear, one will feel disconcerted, also do not know exactly which part of the problem, or the helpless, unable to find a solution, every day in the forum asked the question which the results obtained the answer is not to irrigation, or have been saying that content is king, the chain for the emperor, basically consistent, both look tired, without too much practical help, finally have to rely on their own. Because the author is so over, also experienced large and small Shanghai Longfeng difficulties, but today I was very calm in the face of this situation, because the station did not experience the webmaster, not a qualified webmaster, is also unable to grow long.

PS:VPS in the default administrator account can be modified, but the need for strict order, we can love Shanghai, lest my footsteps.


station since 2010, after about two years, from the beginning of May 2012, ranking is very ideal, most targeted keywords in the search engine’s front page three, more long tail keywords in Shanghai basically are ranked first, every day brings the flow is also very impressive. The time in late October, there was a big reversal, Shanghai search engine website is love to drop right. The target keywords basically in Shanghai before 50 page basically can not see, the long tail disappeared. After the investigation right down, about the following points.

there are several Links was also love Shanghai for a long time not updated snapshot query in the webmaster tools, but the love of Shanghai is still relatively high weight, want to own site is the old site, first temporarily.

VPS is used, in order to improve the security of VPS in group policy to modify the remote connection default administrator account, because of a mistake, modify the failure, the remote desktop cannot connect IDC consulting service providers, have to reinstall the system, then add IIS to debug the website, also used most of the time lead site has been opened up, many friends to Links down. The other is on the site after the normal operation, but also a problem, the website PNG picture can not be displayed, had to turn to the IDC technical staff, because they were seen in the server traffic is too high, the problem did not help me to solve, not to notice me server to the suspension, causing the site from the day 9 p.m. the next day to more than 10 points can not be opened, and then just met big love Shanghai weekly update.


server 1,



To analyze the reason of the decline in ranking

their own business from a QQ station, take the site situation, such as:

2, Links

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