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first give you hair is love Shanghai encyclopedia Title

love Shanghai music is a place in the face of the industry website, this website title set is consistent with our vast number of small and medium-sized webmaster for the title of demand. We can see the biggest love Shanghai Locke houses on the site of the general word on the site behind and in front of the keyword is the content of the website in addition to the first subdivision, Tianjin houses home name headings in this area of Tianjin, in the middle of "buy" to "real price" and "real estate" with Tianjin. This is because Shanghai is the choice of love "or" not "and" Robin Li said, this is the difference between love and Shanghai Google algorithm is the most obvious. The above content by kaifengfu 贵族宝贝 webmaster personal opinion, does not represent the industry standards, we hope to be useful, in order to respect the original please reprint note kaifengfu.

for small website


we look at the love Shanghai video title


from the above two love Shanghai product title arrangement we can get a law, is the site name in front, after the introduction in the middle, the symbol interval is used "-", rather than "|"",""-". For large sites we need only like Shanghai as site name before, in after the middle "-" interval on the line.

love Shanghai!

two, how to write the title

for large sites

, how to write the title

Site Title How to layout, webmasters are no further research. From the existing site to see most of the website name and site keywords accumulation in the title bar, but these words in the end what kind of symbols are separated, it is the public that the public reasonable, rational Po Po said. Now let’s look at the love of Shanghai on the large portal site is small and how to layout the title of

for the pursuit of the key ranking of small sites we should how to layout the title? Love Shanghai products can also give us the standard practice, we see Locke

, thank you!



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