During the Shanghai massacre love home is K how to deal with

under the "cat’s paw" hardware electrical network appear:


6, Shanghai suffered a severe decline in weight of love.

1, the first hardware electrical network just home is down the right (now there will be a K page, rather than the total situation), so now only need to check the home page, and make the corresponding operation;


2, according to the basic parameters of information web log to check the website of the recent (especially home): included, snapshots, home chain, home Links, friends of the chain website included snapshot, server stability >

as soon as possible

The following is a summary of

4, released the same day as usual content included, the weight of the inside pages still, the chain has no fluctuation, fluctuation of peer site is not

5, Links no right down the phenomenon of K


Guangzhou Shanghai Dragon Seal flatly said why don’t have to worry about

say in this situation how we can make it back to normal operation, the title:

today a friend "cat claw" said his website title malicious tampering, then also leads to a series of problems: the website snapshot stopped, is not the first home page, ranking dropped out of sight, love Shanghai without weight value……



back to the topic, why your website title wrong don’t worry? We can see an article I wrote before Title is not included within the site error reasons ", a preliminary understanding of the principle of title, the love of Shanghai do not change for the strange, strange before I have met that is one of my personal blog, title directly into the curse words, if we put this strange as artificial words, could not find a reason, a non-profit personal blog no commercial value there is no need to manually.


1, title site in Shanghai love search results, site results showed abnormal display content on the page, can not find the corresponding text;

because the station is not my home so don’t worry? Be right down is not my home? I am sorry as a friend said, so we can understand the Guangzhou Shanghai Dragon Seal, I can understand the speculation, because I do not understand.

home page is right down, July 9th morning home page seventh in the evening of July 9th, now home to find, suspected of being K, but enter the URL and separate, indicating the site came right home page is very serious, if you don’t do the operation to keep the weight gradually restored, the next page will be K off, this caused as a result of the most serious is the number of keywords ranking will be lost;

2, the website included normal, every day is included in normal growth;

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