Five things you should do every day in Shanghai Dragon

go to work every day, Shanghai dragon do, perhaps, will be very boring; perhaps we have confused, puzzled what we are now able to work we harvest, we are doing what is the value of the form, how to highlight what we now need to understand the knowledge, calm and face it. The Shanghai dragon, should do things every day, stick to it, you will have the harvest.

two: the A5 forum and A5 home to find a good article, read out, such as the recent optimization contest, "business", love Shanghai has inched up, participate in the activities of the friends can go to learn experience together to see everyone, there is a new station effect love Shanghai, love is the sea change Title Effect. And the weight of the website, the website and related issues, etc., are all worth pondering, but also in the A5 forum, a large number of posts, although there are a lot of AD, but there are also many webmaster world news happen every day, these are what we should know, for example, I see today. "Ding Tao" by Mi Xiaobin six asked Han Han, you know you love Shanghai "" in this article, and Tang Lei moderator daily review, and so on, this is about to see.

. Three: update daily blog, some blog is the need to update every day, the original should be the best, I believe a lot of friends have a lot of blog group built, the blog into the ring, and then the weight transfer to their master, they are every day we should go to do. The blog effect should be better than the forum, the connection form practice in some large-scale blog, now is still very welcome.

One of the things that

itself: detection of website data, in the search engine to the site, outside the chain, and if there is a big update keyword ranking, it must adhere to the ranking of keywords, keyword ranking examination, from the long tail keywords to the main key words, one will not let go. If the right down, to find out the reasons, the reason is Links, or the website structure, etc., are to be immediately resolved, and this drop right urgent, must find out as soon as possible.

Shanghai dragon, often do things every day, there are many, five points above the feeling is still very important, insisted on

What What

four: using the forum, believe that a blog is what we need to do and maintenance, we often go shopping in the forum, the forum where the signature is welcome, is also part of a visit to the entrance, the signature chain now or have a certain role, at least the spider to crawl, there are good resources to make good use of it.

. Five: update a website, a frequently updated website for se is always more friendly, update the site, especially for an enterprise, although the lack of news, but still have to update because the update is timely, respect for se, in the end it will be updated, you will find that the spiders are frequent the.

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