[March 4th] A5 open class open the WeChat marketing money era advertising trading A5 trading ww

The A5 2014-3-4 13:13 editor to Xiaoqi

all engaged in network marketing, or to engage in network marketing friends

lectures YY:63002    reminder: click on the reservation in advance

, time: 20:00-21:00 (March 4th)         please ahead of admission

content: the open class, open the WeChat marketing era about money


2, invited to participate in buddy

3, take the initiative to help promote A5 public lecture



                Zhang Mengwei, deputy general manager of Nanjing cattle Friends Information Technology Co. Ltd; the original Amoy network co-founder, worked intime network, millet rice chat channels, large and medium enterprises of Zhejiang Telecom, Anhui Telecom, the successful planning Jackie Chan cross star summit Richie Ren concert and other large and medium-sized new media marketing projects.

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