Chinese search quietly on the line vertical search into the shopping site

360 search no ground for blame is a dark horse, in a short period of time to occupy the domestic search engine market second place. 360 what are the main factors of the success of the search? First, with the help of 360 browser and 360 antivirus software, the software is basically a rogue bound. Second, disguised as love Shanghai as it is, the fact that many white users did not find this is the 360 comprehensive search, thought is to love Shanghai. 360 search to quickly capture the large number of users of personal PC, let love Shanghai and love the sea through be caught off guard, technical means to stop the 360 love Shanghai grab information, there is a difference in their home to search 360. China search is not possible compared with 360 in the short term will not pose a threat to Shanghai and the 360 love, I guess Chinese search is not a dark horse, will not be the next 360 search.

problem: Chinese search will become the next 360

Question two: why

is currently the China search, personal thought is not a search engine, more like a business shopping guide website, the search experience is very poor, to be slowly improving. However, the user may be interested in those channels, through these channels to choose goods and services, it is the electricity supplier website shopping guide website. Should be similar to that of Taobao, get the order from the Commission, which makes me feel a bit awkward, China search like body version of shopping guide website and search engine. Let a person feel the novel is a newspaper column China search, through.

vertical search into electricity supplier shopping site

? ? The

March 1st China suddenly search on-line, its predecessor is said to instantly search and Pangu search, that is to say the two search engines have been quietly together. Similar to the video industry, the search engine also ushered in mergers and acquisitions, new Chinese search known as "vertical search", there are many vertical channels in China search, the current development of the local, international, sports, real estate, cars, shopping etc.. For example, enter the shopping channel, and then you can see a similar Taobao customer shopping guide website, choose the product after the time of payment will jump to 1 stores, Jingdong mall and other electricity supplier website, but I only found no jump to taobao贵族宝贝. Estimation is Chinese search without the cooperation and taobao贵族宝贝, of course, this is I guess.


is a webmaster, all day and love Shanghai deal, also had to consider from 360 search traffic, in my opinion, China search is more like a large shopping guide website". The search results of the user experience is very poor, but Chinese search is just on the line, from the analysis of search engine technology level, estimation Chinese search technology is no good search 360. But Chinese on-line search and the pattern of the domestic search engine may therefore change, if the 360 search and other search engine market share accounted for less cooperation. I believe that when the love Shanghai threat is bigger, but to be honest, 360 search and did not collect data in Shanghai love plagiarism,

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