Analysis of mobile devices and PC in paid search ads on several different

because of the limitations of the mobile device screen and keyboard input, compared to mobile device users search keywords to search for desktop users will be more short. In this study we can use some tools for mobile search keywords, such as Google Adword keywords toolsinquiries query. As shown below, we can use the keyword filtering options to find belongs to mobile devices.


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difference: mobile search advertising compared to traditional search advertising shorter

four: the difference between mobile search relative to the more localized

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three: the difference between mobile search keywords and user desktop search users to use


in the past year, the development of mobile devices and networks are the most surprising, driven by the surrounding market is not big. Impact is a continuous development of mobile search market. Mobile search plays a more and more important role. And compared to the traditional desktop search, mobile search at first sight may have many similarities, but when we carefully analysis, you will find that in fact there are many differences between them, especially when it comes to the user’s search intention of this one, the mobile device users and user desktop search use keywords and search methods are very different. The paid search advertising has deep impact, so in the mobile search advertising and desktop search advertising pay between what is different? The author on this issue to share her own points. As long as the understanding of these points will move to your paid search advertising help.

two: the difference between relative and traditional desktop search advertising you need more contact with

through mobile devices to search users because of the limitations of the equipment, compared to the desktop search users will be more impatient, in your mobile search advertising needs to be as straightforward as possible to tell you search your specific contact. See the ads users generally want to direct through telephone contact with you, we should as far as possible to reduce the user’s operation, the Google PPC launched a click telephone communication function. So the visitors can directly through the advertising information and business contact.

this difference must be very easy to understand, the mobile device does not like the traditional PC devices that have a large screen. Therefore mobile search users search advertising for the attention tend to be lower than the use of PC device users. In this regard, this means you have to pay in a simple mobile search ads try to express the content of your advertising, in the arrangement of simple ad reasonable important keywords.

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