Experience and feeling of a new Shanghai Dragon

first I also a Shanghai Longfeng novice, I could not have what good method to bring Shanghai dragon to you, the good shortcut to Shanghai dragon. But as a never understand Shanghai dragon to contact Shanghai dragon to do now of Shanghai dragon I, on the path and feelings is what I want to tell you. My literary talent is not good, but the technology is not high, we also hope the exhibitions. The veteran don’t post any stimulus younger brother’s comments, but still welcome veteran shortcomings are pointed out, it is not only I hope, all Shanghai dragon are beginners.

At first

QQ friends in a friend is and learn to Cardiff (I’m not any AD mean), but he didn’t have a website, not only theoretical knowledge, practical experience, know that now there is no one optimized website. When we talk, he said Shanghai dragon how powerful, but I just don’t understand why since yourself not good do? Now I also can’t understand why. He is a friend of Shanghai, home to a rich, does he think a rich two generations better do more (a topic is far away, we get that when I was)? After his recommendation to see only the last three years of party video look at this video, should know that a friend is top software, he is relying on Shanghai Dragon technology is sales, up to a month to sixty thousand yuan profit in it, I was determined to study at that time, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to walk this road. It is thanks to my friend.

I learned Shanghai dragon to do Taobao customers, we should all know Taobao customers. I have quite a lot of webmaster friends also because Taobao guest and started to learn Shanghai dragon. I’m from Shanghai to phoenix contact is now about more than half a year, about 7-8 months, but my technique is general not saying it a: probably because I did not find what good shortcut (because I learn Shanghai Phoenix are self-taught, no one took me); second: maybe I execution is not good enough, leading to the site’s ranking is not very ideal. Well, begin to experience and feel about the way I came.

because I know he has learned, after all he knows more than I, I will not spend money to find some training classes in Shanghai dragon. The problem is to ask him, but he is only some theoretical knowledge, there is no practical experience, some problems at the beginning he can help me to solve my problems, then he will not know. Then through my self, the first is slowly the website promotion website to do it. Here I want to say something, we do Shanghai Longfeng, must first be familiar with a system that can make the system template, so your site will have a space for one person in Shanghai. My first web site optimization, website directly copying the source files into the space to become their own website, only in management without any FTP background. In the next and >

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