New founder of electronic talk about entrepreneurial experience lifting and not lifting of the two

has been doing webmaster, are dealing with the virtual world, have been done by the station traffic Hang advertisement to make money selling advertising a little way, and the reality of intersection, this is because of their marriage, because the teeth began to buy a house, let yourself do stand experience first and the reality the collision, more groping to find a webmaster can refer to the reference path of entrepreneurship, today by the A5 platform to write to share with you, after all, the market is large enough, many webmaster can reference and practice.


does not cite the injury two: no money, no fame, from software to hardware, all chips after the gorgeous turn,

forum is my masterpiece, business forum is be nothing difficult years of experience make me the webmaster, have a deeper understanding of the operation and promotion means is varied. Looking for a fast and stable access to virtual space, plus a good domain name, using the free DZ forum program will put a small owners forum a day built up, the next step is successful forum experience, is divided into sections, early without the section divided too thin, so as to avoid the differentiation the popularity, later then gradually refined up popularity.

now, think of the mistakes you made. It felt like walking too slowly. The world didn’t keep up with me. Not only did not do a development, multi platform application, and even a platform experience did not control. After the product launch, also because can not think of the next step, how to go, do not see hope, the first team disbanded. More than a month lost, lying in bed every day, do not want to get up, hard months to do the product, even a bubble did not come out on the end.

physical importance or entrepreneurship is more important? High teacher game development, intelligent accessories, "new I" founder to tell you about entrepreneurship for two years, in the "lift" and "no" between the wandering story.


initially, we collected personal data and manually entered data from people in micro-blog, watercress, such as waking time. However, it is found that these insufficient data do not support the creation of a virtual avatar. Until found that the world has a wearable device called Fitbit, open API, can get a lot of personalized data, the team began to develop based on Facebook Dali WEB APP advocacy development.

does not lift one injury: software start-ups, ideas ahead of the product bubble, did not risk

because of the small house a few, there are lots of old housing, and has continued to move in the new housing, so this market we unanimously optimistic, but eventually found in the stable after the monthly turnover is always difficult to upgrade in a small shop, so make sure not to lose, so let us feel the operating pressure. How to expand the convenience store sales, enhance sales, so that we all worry about it. Inadvertently, or wife suddenly say, love you not to tinker with the website, why not try to engage in online promotion? I really like is awoken, I can not help but applaud the wife the idea clap. Say, do, and then is a series of preparations and promotion, summed up, and probably a few points:

some people say that this is the best time for hardware entrepreneurs. "Cambrian" new hardware explosion, to bring a spring in Shenzhen. And yesterday afternoon, by Xu Xiaoping, Wang Qiang leader of the Chinese partner, and Shenzhen to create a few customers out of the strong spring breeze, the hardware business was forced to grid extremely high. "More than more than large, deep, more than the soft hard", a sense of the full picture of the hardware business because the message board of pleasure "high teacher venture pressure to do not move the topic brings the climax constantly.

has a social game and so what? What is the benefit of the users? Products foothold in what? How to avoid the risk to do it even can’t take bubble? Do these in second when the product has been shrouded in the brain problems.

later summed up the findings: finding people socializing with personal data and having a strong interest in gameplay; self comfort, at least knowing what users like, is not a waste of effort.

next, good relations and security in the door area, in the bulletin board posted on the forum owners publicity notices, through oral communication among the forum’s popularity is rising gradually, and then choose some more active and responsible, enthusiastic owners on the altar as a member of the management team, as manager and moderator, everyone together enjoyable while the propaganda forum, while >

because Fitbit’s API doesn’t fit perfectly with what we envisioned, this time we decided to develop our own hardware. After making a wearable prototype, the main problem facing is how to translate into products. In the first half of 2013, it was difficult to find hardware developers, especially when there was little money left

for many years through their website, website operators do stand in considerable experience, but I never thought about the experience of the application of this aspect to the reality, after all, rarely find feasible or feel their own good entrepreneurial path. After getting older, marriage has become a natural thing, in order to get married, a tooth out of all savings, plus the assistance of the house, in a relatively large area to buy a house. Because his wife has been a small business’s sake, after this to the district investigation found the tenants here enough, can be in the area below the store in a convenience store, this began a new entrepreneurial wife.

at the beginning of 2012, feel the watercress, Facebook, micro-blog and other social network influence on life, personal data collection network distributed, build a virtual incarnation of the product concept, want to use these data in the virtual world to influence people’s real life.

1. building residential owners forum and establish advantages

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