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coffee full-bodied, mellow, slightly bitter, the process of entrepreneurship is not so. Today, coffee and coffee shops so popular, one of the reasons is that people accept it: location of sober, insight, politeness, presence, distance, comfort, elegant, romantic, this is 400 years in the formation and evolution of the concept of communication. In fact, coffee and coffee shops in the history of the different views of the debate is fame, new ideas and new things into society coerced the. This has been clearly documented in the book "the history of coffee culture".

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taking Beijing Tianjin and Tianjin provinces in the hinterland of Bohai economic belt as an example. Beijing industrial and commercial bureau information center statistics show that in 2009 ~2012, the Beijing Zhongguancun demonstration area, the number of newly established technology enterprises reached 3265, 3614, 4000 and nearly 4000. Recently, the Tianjin science and technology small giant leadership enterprises to promote the work of the meeting to promote the release of the news show that only the first half of this year, the number of new technology-based SMEs in Tianjin 7863. Entrepreneurs in the pursuit of commercial success, creating a new business model, that is, around this huge IT business groups, such as the exchange of experience, business office, business counseling, venture financing demand gradually extended, forming a new business chain.


in the current Chinese, pan IT industry entrepreneurial wave so raging, such as 2010~2012, only Beijing Zhongguancun each year will add nearly 4000 scientific and technological enterprises, entrepreneurs and aspiring hand funds for the project investors, here to become a number of unique scenery. They are interested in talking about technology and business, talent and teams, products and money making, dreams and reality……

takes beta coffee as an example. In 2008, when he was Alipay’s chief planner of the user experience and the white crow, often IT circle of friends gathered in their friend or family talked about the IT creative, in the course of time, he has opened a cafe "parlor" idea.

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entrepreneur seeks to create new business models, they demand it spawned a new business, which is focused on providing social platform, business circles business for these IT entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, and even provide the cafe business incubator platform.

comes from

then, white crow found 30 friends from the Internet circle, choosing to leave Alibaba and Hangzhou numbers

however, the reporter found in the interview, this special industry has two problems: first, set the industry led to a second, these business puffiness; IT circle of business enterprises, more than half at a loss, only about 10% profit.

entrepreneurial social demand spawned business circles

in the private capital led China IT circle, there is no lack of entrepreneurs.

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