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to advertising alliance — not the professional title, and said never cheat words like some advertising alliance. Mainly because I just some time ago from the head of the station network advertisement position. See advertising alliance of advertisement, the price is still relatively high, 10000IP=60RMB, one of my friends just a few sites have thousands of IP a day, I would recommend him to do. At first I contacted a customer service, a look is not professional, some professional terms will not, I am asked to get 51YES third party traffic statistics, I got it, and he confirmed. The second day, he also asked me how to count without me. It turned out that she forgot that I was in 51YES, and she mistook my station for another statistic.

Wu Bo will be defined as "Meijiale O2O fast fashion chain brand", hope to enter the market stores plus website O2O marketing mode, let consumers enjoy the online price and the quality of the line, the entity retail stores, one can reduce inventory risk, improve the operation efficiency of the store; on the other hand can share offline and online user growth dividend.

reportedly, the brand by the American fashion designer Todd. Messi and Wu Bo Todd Macy and Larry Wu co founded in California, the United states. Wu Bo said that the U.S. has launched the 3 women’s clothing retail stores, the future will have more stores launched and covers more areas.

recommends that webmasters don’t make unprofessional alliances for money.

Wu Bo said, the domestic retail industry O2O will be a trillion level market, given the market space, Canada music big enough for the beginning of the line, the North American music platform will only on its brand stores, brand stores, brand cooperation partners and suppliers open. Goods sold mainly in clothing and building materials and other categories based, do not rule out the future of the brand accumulated knowledge of the system, to help other brands do retail. Lin Ming

I wrote this log today, but there’s nothing in it. Estimated a few days in shlf1314 search advertising network alliance should should be more forward. I didn’t say you liar, the others, I just said you weren’t professional.

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nearly a year to gradually fade out of public view and handle founder Wu Bo venture, launched a retail brand "Canada Music" Sina Francisco March 13th afternoon, nearly a year to gradually fade out of public view and handle founder Wu Bo venture, launched a retail brand "Canada Music" Macy & Larry, the brand is now the scope of clothing and building materials, hope that through the data and docking system approach to management, long-term zero inventory risk.

Why should I follow

Meijiale online platform for meijiale, Wu Bo said the site is currently shop direct landing in the store entrance, consumers can directly purchase online, the entrance of the future may be open to all consumers.

Wu Bo said that the brand’s most important feature is to solve the "zero inventory" problem, with data analysis and systems, to achieve zero inventory per store. For example, all POSE machine shop is mobile Internet, sales information will be timely response to the data processing center, center grasp of product sales, and similar products on online data analysis, so the risk is very low inventory.

at the same time, the United States, Canada, as well as software systems support, whether users, brands, designers or purchasing personnel are systematic operations, changing the traditional electricity supplier dominated supply and demand relationship.

after a day, I was on a business trip, no Internet, he gave me a message, something for me, I on-line, she said that advertising code has adjusted what. Later, what was the customer’s problem?. I asked her, hanging two days of traffic, the money in the end settlement?. She means no settlement, no way, there’s a problem with the customer. Then there’s nothing more to say.

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