World nternet Xie Guijing directional advertising 07 years of great growthBy the European and Ameri

tixa NarrowAD division Xie Guijing

ahead of the crystal, in the share of over 10% in the main market of the United States, Chinese, Britain, Turkey and Australia, in the emerging markets of Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, the market share of more than 30%. "

has expanded at a faster rate than the industry:

component leading market share rising: jinkosolar is the world’s largest manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, in 2016 the world market share of 9.6%, the future will be through the expansion of production capacity and its cost, brand advantage, expanding market share, prepare for the future to earn excess profits.


this point, we can compare the longji. Longji can be regarded as the domestic best single crystal photovoltaic enterprises, but the overseas market has Longji has not yet opened, because of its overseas distribution relatively late, and the crystal, has occupied the market and channel.

, which makes the market share of crystalline branch constantly improved:

ahead of the strategic vision on the one hand from the Jing branch early in overseas layout, firmly grasp the market opportunities, which fully shows the importance of market of crystal. At present, the layout of the Department has spread all over the world:

photovoltaic market prospects: the photovoltaic power generation accounted for 1% of the world’s electricity, with the arrival of BNEF parity, the forecast for the next 10 years photovoltaic power generation accounted for up to 10% in 2040, photovoltaic and wind will be one of the leading energy, accounting for 32% of total installed power generation worldwide, and as the world’s leading components of crystal, will enjoy the high the growth and high premium.

outstanding cost control,

brand promotion with this recipe, July minus general manager 500-1000 yuan



In recent years,

I. component leader, the market share continued to rise

jinkosolar in 2016 to 6.7Gw shipments, has become the world’s largest component suppliers, shipments of second Trina Solar shipments of approximately 6.4Gw, Artes 5.2Gw.


        people’s network April 11th hearing, sponsored by the iResearch group today, the China Internet association supported the 2007 annual meeting of the Ai Ruixin economic conference held in Beijing.

the following is the general manager of tixa NarrowAD division Xie Guijing speech:  



growth comes from two things:

advanced strategic vision,

is American and European investors forget, the current valuation is very low: in the past ten years, the entire PV industry chain from Europe and the United States moved to China, on the one hand, it makes a lot of investors in the US and Europe suffer losses in investment in European photovoltaic enterprises, on the other hand, most European investment banks have already stopped covering China PV enterprises, has led to European market pricing European and American investors do not understand, do not pay attention to Chinese photovoltaic enterprises, which makes the current jinkosolar valuation is extremely undervalued, brought ten times the opportunity to share.

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