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key, at the product level, the product needs innovation, needs more innovative, but also more in line with the user’s use needs. Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs should pay more attention to product innovation, in the environment of poor application market, to better fit the user, the product really do good, accord with the demand of the market and users, with more innovation, meet the needs of users of products.

for the past ten years because of government support, Chinese demographic dividend growth, China Internet industry achieved rapid development, also produced a lot of market value of billions of dollars of the company, these companies can even in the whole world and shlf1314, and apple. Thus. In China’s Internet related market, there has been an oligopoly phenomenon, and the mobile Internet is becoming more and more serious. Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs suffer unfair treatment and even discrimination in terms of technology, capital, brand and policy, compared to large groups with market capitalisation of billions of billions of dollars.


two: get some experienced webmaster friends asked the novice webmaster to those who have to earn money from advertising alliance webmaster ask, have an open mind, a good attitude, to talk, talk. First, pay attention to making friends with some webmaster friends. People become friends, and they may tell you what they have accumulated over the years. Even if you have some reservations, it will make you less detours.

small and medium entrepreneurs to survive, innovation, product control is still indispensable,

three: to understand the advertising alliance website into your web page, to see if they do is complete, look at their website content is updated in the near future, understand some of their alliance advertisers, whether there is a certain visibility. Under normal circumstances, the brand’s advertisers will not choose some of the industry’s lack of awareness of the alliance to represent their advertising. Look at their announcement, mainly depends on whether they give out the Commission of the website, whether it is paid on time every month. And to see if the alliance is acting on some porn commercials. Put some "very great" on the website

May we all know How does

: small and medium entrepreneurs suffer unfair treatment, even discrimination against

I wrote several articles on the "advertising" article, also got a lot of friends recognized, of which a small website "how can the" advertising alliance "to obtain more benefits" reproduced by many Internet websites, and recommend to the website homepage. I hope that through these articles, I can help those who have been chosen to be a suitable advertising website for their friends.

: use sh419, shlf1314 search engine, you need to understand the advertising input name, look at how much of their news reports, but also through the search and see if they have any negative news, if too much negative news, it would need to carefully consider. I believe no one will report negative news for no reason at all. Who will do the offending job?. However, we do not rule out the possibility of malicious rumors from competitors, so we need to understand in many ways.

, iResearch recently released data analysis, an online advertising industry data show that although the economic crisis has brought great impact on the Internet industry, but 08 years of Internet advertising industry still has about 18000000000 of the scale, the analysis also pointed out that in 09 years there will be a growth rate of 20%. This shows that the online advertising industry is still very competitive. Advertising alliance is also a platform used by many websites.

secondly, the user’s download habits have changed quietly. Users are no longer browsing, getting information, downloading apps from web pages, and more actively downloading apps through search, recommendation, etc.. Thus, small and medium entrepreneurs, technology, capital, brand and policy, etc., and the market value of billions of billions of dollars each day when compared to the large group, can not be exposed in front of users, awareness is not high.

has many advertising alliances both at home and abroad, but their business philosophy and scale are also very different. The level of high and low. For novice Adsense, how can choose in many advertising alliance for their own web site development thinking is very important. How can you maximize your traffic into benefits and become a source of funding for the subsequent development of the web site?. Therefore, the new Adsense before joining the advertising Union, must do a league analysis, investigation.

current application market environment, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs living conditions more and more difficult,


below, I will talk about the choice of advertising alliance one way:

touch users? The spread of products is also important,

many APP start-up teams are technology, product origin, often think that my products do good >

mobile Internet desertification is becoming increasingly serious, first of all in the application market, some of the head of the APP has been firmly occupied in the user’s mobile phone, they push their own applications will be easier. Under the pressure of monopoly oligarchs, many companies have been expected to be very good in the process of development suffered serious violations, including, IMO, Lianzhong, happy to steal food, interactive encyclopedia…… A series of Chinese Internet start-ups have become victims of the monopoly of the market.

for innovation, has been China from the Internet to the mobile Internet, whether entrepreneurs or giants are love copy copy, some manufacturers not only the appearance of light copy function, even other code with a copy of the database. Therefore, for entrepreneurs to innovate, not plagiarism; while for large Internet companies, we should consciously abide by the protection of intellectual property rights, because of the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs born a good product is not easy, and large enterprises, may only need to spend very little cost can be copied.

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