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lazy man’s official website announced that the platform investors all funds and investments are controlled by Zhong Ninglin one person, as of now, the company still can not reach him personally, the lazy man has confirmed Zhong Ninglin lost contact.

payment date:

respected investors:

lazy man issued a notice

: monthly settlement Commission

the morning of September 26, 2016, the company’s actual controller Zhong Ninglin male, ID number: 51101119830122745X, mobile phone number: 13880708886 will be used for the payment of money today $11 million 600 thousand cash from their personal bank card, the company can not lead to the normal payment. At present, platform investors, all funds and investment are controlled by Zhong Ninglin. After the efforts of various channels, as of now, the company is still unable to contact him personally, the company has confirmed Zhong Ninglin lost contact.


    Sina Francisco September 27th noon news, P2P platform rich lazy recently announced that the company’s actual controller Zhong Ninglin lost, it will be 11 million 600 thousand yuan of investment funds on the platform of withdrawals to their personal bank card, resulting in the company not normal payment.

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currently, most of the company employees also have investment funds on the platform, employees are victims. Today, the company staff have to Chengdu Public Security Bureau of high-tech branch of the situation and report. The data collection preparation phase is being reported. Hope that the majority of investors together with us, to the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau Branch of economic investigation department report as soon as possible, so that the police investigation in a timely manner. Preparation materials include: investment agreement, account assets, bank transfer, water or vouchers. Report address: 5, hi tech sub branch, 18, Pioneer Road, hi tech Zone, Chengdu.


at present, the company staff and Chengdu hi tech Zone Finance Office, Chengdu Public Security Bureau of high-tech branch to contact, and hope that they help the company to contact him as soon as possible, recover investor funds.

League address: union.textclick

from now on, the platform recharge, withdrawals, purchase, redemption and other functions suspended opening, the site can be normal access to facilitate investor login. After the police filing, under the guidance of the police, and then honor. We were shocked to see such a thing happening. Our employees are also victims, many investment funds have not been returned. We hope that the broad masses of investors will join us and report them as soon as possible, so as soon as possible

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the following is the full text of the announcement:

since the date of the announcement, lazy rich platform recharge, withdrawals, purchase, redemption and other functions suspended opening, the site can now access normally.

released August financial officers lazy display, by the end of August, the platform cumulative turnover of over 1 billion, the number of registered users is 259311, the average annual compound rate of return is 7.88%, the amount of bad debts is a show for 0 yuan. Xu Li


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