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well, let’s say that. I can say that today is a suggestion, or an experience, but there are three major categories in the daily income of tens of millions of experts. The main thing is to look at your interests to decide what kind of websites you choose to make money.


O2O, in fact, very grounded, very grassroots

method is relatively simple, update the latest information daily, there is focus, explosive news should be updated to the web site, the disadvantage is that compared to such sites a lot of weight. Timely updates can not get good results, the first to attract traffic, so that visitors are familiar with, like, often on the way is just beginning. If the traffic is around 10 thousand, the average daily income will be 90-100 yuan recommended: novice webmaster

good evening, everybody. Today’s work is over. Before you turn off the computer, it’s customary to write an essay and readjust your thinking. What kind of website is now back in airtight world of the Internet can make money? What kind of website popular? Today I will analyze, please understand if I’m wrong.

can now monetize websites into three broad categories,

for example you are opening slimming tea company, the purchase price at 20 yuan, hold your keywords: such as selling slimming tea, most effective slimming tea does not want to sell to the keyword. But the key price is high, if the volume is not high, is a waste of time. Flow well, such as slimming tea, 1/50 of the volume of the premise, customer service is very cow X, you can imagine flow over 10000, what will be the result?. suggestion: make the optimization first

, let’s go on to analyze. Grassroots brother, there are several examples around to share with you. An article before the already mentioned, a friend of grassroots brother side, we call it S you did not contact with the Internet, talk about what the industry experience and industry insight, with the rise of the concept of the group purchase goods, set up a group purchase website template available in the city where we are, and the use of close connections and good eloquence to persuade local businesses to join his group purchase website. Secondly, through the group and Sina micro-blog networks penetrate their classmates, friends, let friends these shoes "friendship buy" goods, and further help him promote the group purchase website.

3. entity management plus website.

Hello, I’m grass roots, and today we’re talking about O2O. Speaking of O2O, may be big guy thought of group buying, of course, group buying is only one manifestation of O2O, very direct. While talking about the group purchase, often focus on the dynamics of the industry’s rise had hot group purchase may have thousands of war concept to Montreal moan, the first batch of massive adults silly money group purchase website would have been down almost, tens of millions of billions of funds can not be made a success group purchase website, as a grassroots entrepreneurs, we’ll talk about this sensitive topic as well as necessary? Of course, there must be reasonable, grassroots brother will not tell you, rushed in front of the shoes to eat meat, but it is entirely possible to eat shit. Well, no nonsense, get down.

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another example is grass roots brother side friends, we temporarily call this "Z Jun". Mr. Z also belongs to no experience of grassroots entrepreneurs, he saw Mr. S successfully without any experience and insights, thus inspired, he decided to follow Mr. S successful way again. So he was in a second tier city

O2O, the official point is that the next line of business opportunities and online combination, so that the Internet has become the front desk of the transaction. Of course, all types of websites with this concept, we can call it O2O, group purchase, rent and so on are the most representative form of grassroots brother think O2O is actually very down to earth, is also in line with our grassroots entrepreneurs.

I personally do not recommend Taobao customers, you have to have a very high weight domain name, and want to see the effect soon, you have to give up shop class URL model. And the products are all the same, and it’s hard to say that you’ll attract visitors and want to buy your things. High commission is really tempting, but few people get high commission. Flow in about ten thousand, basically by the idea, the idea is good, you can thousands of, the idea is not good, hang 0. suggestion: old station webmaster, hands have high weight domain name

2. Taobao customer service

What is the concept of

1. information hanging advertising alliance

in fact, everyone can think of it, he succeeded, and his cost is the monthly space costs, he even did not use the server, let alone spend a lot of money to promote. According to understand the roots, the group purchase website every month to bring him to the tens of thousands of net profit, and he used the money to re-enter the college O2O market, currently has deployed more than 5 of the O2O market, obviously, he is really successful, some time ago has registered his own company, the operation of company business.