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was founded earlier this year, founder Liu Yannan investment bank origin, worked for Merrill lynch. Compared with the peer-to-peer lending, pat loans and other P2P companies have characteristics of favorable network lies in the introduction of the third small loan companies to lenders to audit checks, in order to control the loan default rates.

favorable entrepreneurial team, the figure for Liu Yannan

‘s bad debt rate is a key indicator of the operating performance of all lending companies. Ali small and Micro Finance Institute president Chen Dawei once said, now part of the P2P company’s bad debt rate of more than 2%, is a more dangerous practice. If P2P’s bad debt rate can be reduced to less than 1%, Ali small and micro ie later spin off independent small micro financial services group can also consider doing P2P. This also means that the P2P sector may face more giants in the future.

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domestic existing relatively well-known P2P company, including the letter should be, pat the loan, should focus on the letter line, and pat loans focusing on the line. Behind these two capital institutions are IDG and Sequoia capital. Li Yun

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Liu Yannan believes that no industry can avoid competition. But there is no monopoly in the financial sector, and the entry of giants does not represent bottlenecks in other homes. Another focus of small and micro financial group is currently facing Ali system within the business, enabling network and other service users still have very big difference. In addition, outside Ali, small and micro finance, there is no mature credit data to control risk.


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it is understood that the favorable online loan annual yield of more than 12%, can be more than 20%, but most of them yield was attributed to the third party small loan companies and inject people income, as an intermediate platform enabling network revenue at about 1%-2%.

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third party microfinance company has a large number of offline lenders resources, but also has a relatively complete credit audit team, which is newly established Internet companies do not have. The favorable net hoping this model to ensure that the lender’s credit qualifications, and thus reduce the loan default rates. It is advantageous to official sources, favorable online project if there is breach of contract, compensation by the third party small loan institutions.

according to official data disclosed, the favorable net current daily investment of more than 3 million yuan, the cumulative turnover of 250 million yuan. The cumulative number of registered users over 80 thousand online, each average loan amount of about 60 thousand yuan. Liu Yannan said the net target for next year’s transaction is 5 billion.


technology news November 15th afternoon news website P2P favorable today announced it has received A round of investment China Softbank capital, in the amount of ten million U.S. dollars. This is also Softbank China’s first investment in the Internet financial start-ups.

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