shlf1314 Adsense which case will be Knternet Entrepreneurship the first choice for entrepreneurshi

      8; website content; the web site must not contain the following content:

      4; domestic IP points; foreign advertising;


      3; mutual point

if we 80, 90 Internet will have no chance to go to the road of entrepreneurship, this road has been the traditional 80 before people go down N times, go grass, how can we get out and what they spell? Once thought me than older people, education and youth.

      the following actions will also be canceled by the AdSense account!

      1; placed 2 AdSense ads displayed on the same page using the IF page!

      5; page refresh; increase the number of display

Education: once the existence of God, the only living in my childhood memories, now when you come up with bachelor degree, people took out is a PhD diploma, was always higher than you a few levels, China is the lack of education. Suddenly one day, I took an undergraduate degree to find a job, and found that I actually assigned to work under my classmates as interns, and he did not read books six years ago.

      6; inciting others to click

      3; for AdSense ad popups or floating ads page!

      most of the K letters received by K accounts have "invalid click" terms; in the end, those actions are "invalid click" " what about?

      excessive profanity;

      2; tool points such as CACA

      hacker / hacker content;

      7; force click. that’s what some download stations often do.

      5; competitive ads appear on the page. For example, some domestic advertising or advertising in the form of the same advertising, such as Yue expensive.

what do I get out of the traditional industry,

      on illicit drugs and illicit drugs


I put myself into the poor and blank comrades, but you know, this is not my intention. Society is fair and unfair, and if you think reality is unfair to us, then the Internet is a fair arena. This stage has come out a lot of successful entrepreneurs, opportunities never disappear, we want to do is: how to let the opportunity to patronize yourself? Talk about this, our mind will flash "struggle", "stick" and "thinking" Related words, do not have to do business, if you can flash more than four words, then you must know more than me, the future will be more successful than me. But the strange thing is: "everyone knows what entrepreneurship requires, but few people."

      incitement to violence, racial prejudice, content, or attack on any individual, group, or organization,

      4; any behavior modifying AdSense advertising code!

: read the "Youth" youth friends may think that youth is a good stuff, shot a turn, once the "chicken friend." all of the living "wood", the director did not give them too much change, it makes me naive because I will become like this. "Youth" is also known as "ignorant", "immature", "inexperienced", and indeed have youth, there seems to be nothing to be proud of, others do not root you, youth how much money? Finally,

      2, insert IF code directly on the same page and display AdSense ads at the same time!

the rapid development of the Internet tells us that nothing is permanent, and those who think that will not change over time and traditional industries are constantly being hit, occupied, and replaced by the internet. This makes me think of all the times will continue the development of The new supersedes the old., a winner of emission, the development of the Internet has given us the opportunity, as Ma Yun said: "the era of change belongs to the young people, do not complain about the Internet business is too difficult, don’t complain about the Chinese Internet entrepreneurs belong to sh419, Tencent, Alibaba……. These reasons will only make you gradually numb, ridiculous finally become a reality, you are dead in the complaining. The Internet business is hard? Certainly difficult, difficult not everyone can do it, it would not become a "mahjong", and "mahjong" so simple is not the Internet business you think of how many people? If you go for a meal, you think you can win

      1; own

      6; pages with copyright issues such as software, MP3, pictures, news, etc.!

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