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how much should I tell my employees? I’m reluctant to share personal details, but I’d like to talk about it from my standpoint.

A: in order to offset the negative effects of the internal crisis public relations company, an important point for the leaders is to establish two-way communication mechanism firmly with employees, so that they can understand the company policies, get answers and see them as the boss. Constant communication can build a trust relationship, so when the attack occurs, you will be exposed to a little less pressure on what you have experienced. If this communication mechanism has not been established, give priority to doing it.

Q: I was hiring an employee, he worked for a day, second days called in sick, then sick. According to our policy, if he can provide a medical certificate, we will allow him to leave, but he never provided a proof. He didn’t come to work, so we had to fire him. Then he sent me a letter of accusation and spread some horrible, untrue rumours about me and my company on Twitter.

first: the Forum opens the group buying area. The development of the electricity supplier led the development of group purchase is also very popular, but recently both downsizing may affect the development of group purchase, but our webmaster, we can do the webmaster industry group purchase group purchase, in the forum of stationmaster of a lot, their industry products need is great, such as sending software. The domestic and foreign host, domain name, collection tools, webmaster tools, website source code, these are the webmaster if needed, improve group purchase program in the forum, not only brings convenience to the webmaster, also give you bring their own profit direction. Don’t be afraid to buy the effect of the webmaster, according to ixwebhosting Chinese official reports, IX joined the group, the monthly sales of new highs. Adsense class buy site is still very little, is a development direction.

forum is the gathering place of active users, the forum also determines the forum to rely on what is profitable, different types of forum profit model is different, but now most of the forum or rely on advertising revenue, but after all the forum advertising is limited to, how can bring more profit model to the website forum? The webmaster have wanted to increase the forum’s profit model? A lot of profit method, the key to see how to implement their own webmaster.


fourth: registered members charge. The new members of the forum are not open to the public, or the old members will spend the forum integral purchase invitation code for you to use, or you will spend your cash to register the new members of the Forum

second: improving technical services. More and more Internet users of webmaster, but these owners are not many professional, some just understand some basic knowledge of SEO, then think of themselves to entrepreneurship, such membership in the forum, technical service has become the necessary things, the rookie will often be some complex technical operation can then the forum has become their problem solving platform. If the forum can give the rookie webmaster to provide certain technical services, collect certain technical fees, both to help the webmaster to solve the problem, but also to help their forums earn benefits. Now, relying on technology services profitable website is also a lot of, the ultimate goal of technical services is to help members solve problems, allowing users to generate stickiness on the site.

Q: looking for help on ethical issues

third: providing directory navigation platform. The use of the two directory of the forum directory navigation platform, included and webmaster related BBS platform, or Adsense independent site blog. Now navigation platform is also more, but based on the BBS navigation is not much, the webmaster can use this platform to BBS profit. Generally want to submit to the navigation of the site, the first need to add links on their own website, second, if you need to quickly review, you can spend part of the cash, become a member of VIP. This way, profit is based on the members of the profit, this premise also have webmaster to run their own BBS, let members willing to submit the website, pay for VIP.

what happens when your business encounters an online attack? Look at the following question and answer:

, you can tell your lawyer, too.

"careful maintenance of the privacy of former employees, the entrepreneur’s approach is correct."." Van Vleck Turner &, based in West Hollywood, California, says Damion Robinson of the Zaller law firm. However, the employee’s discussion of the matter on the Twitter did bring him some trouble. Robinson’s colleague Anthony Zaller believes that although the health problems, but if the employee published articles on the Internet to tell employers how bad to him, the employer has the right to use specific facts that will directly released in order to refute the accusations of employees". He stressed that the employer should discuss the scope provided by the staff on the facts and issues in the post, and never complained about the employee can take revenge.

in this case if possible, to convene a meeting; if your employees do not work together, they will say, e-mail the truth clearly tell employees what they see in the news of the Twitter is false, but the former employee was fired, because he did not provide the the medical certificate materials. Then send sick leave policy to the employee as a follow-up to the case. Also, let employees know that you are happy to discuss any questions that may arise from the policy. However, because you respect the privacy of your employees both present and ex, you can’t respond to questions in the event.

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