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September 20th, headlines today announced that it would take 1 billion yuan subsidy short video creators, recently, hundreds more crazy, announced that it will take 10 billion to 10 billion of the authors, not sh419’s own pocket to subsidies, but sh419 relies on sh419 union advertising for content producers to provide channels for cash. After UC launched their own Fu in the first half of the year to the day before the media plan, has launched a "W+" quantum plan, plans to spend 1 billion yuan to subsidize the content producers……

in addition, Sohu, Phoenix, news, Sina and other platforms are also on the platform from the media to varying degrees of support and subsidies.

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headlines today by virtue of content distribution, access to more than $10 billion valuation, far more than the PC era portal, Sohu, Sina and so on, which is enough to trigger the giants for the content of mobile entrance attention;

sh419 in the past is the first entrance platform in the PC era, today’s mobile phone users use sh419 search frequency is far less than the PC side, the mobile phone sh419 launched 100, make up the contents of ecology, enhance user stickiness and use the search frequency, as sh419 open mobile search is a key step in the

content information platform has come up with huge sums of money subsidies what kind of

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

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receive advertisers notice, from now on, eBay channel 2CPA advertising stop promotion.

NetEase today’s business ecology, the same can not be separated from the past PC era NetEase portal support >

ask members to remove the ad code in time, so as not to affect your earnings.


Ali for moving the entrance of the competition did not stop, especially in today’s UC, carrying the important mission of Ali mobile entrance, "W+" quantum program launched on the media to support the number of no limit, its meaning is to support small and medium-sized more from the media;


mentioned the content subsidy war, there is a growing trend. The first is the headlines today launched a thousand million plan, then the Tencent launched mangzhong Penguin plan, to come up with 200 million yuan to subsidize the outstanding content producers, NetEase also launched a billion yuan to support from the media plan. However, in the second half, the content of the war has become more fierce subsidies.

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UC subscription number behind the "Ali" and "Penguin" behind Tencent, two of them in the capital strength naturally needless to say. 100, backed by sh419, also has a strong cash flow, as for the NetEase, relying on NetEase, today’s capital strength has been greatly enhanced, even the weakest of today’s headlines for today’s capital strength, valuation or will reach $10 billion. Take hundreds of millions of funds to support content producers, what is the content information platform in the snatch,


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Tencent even with the phenomenon of WeChat class entrance platform, but because of the closure of the public number of content, Tencent had to support its own Penguin number, to create a complement with WeChat entrance;

left hand snatch entrance

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


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