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has a lot of entrepreneurs have started to pay attention and try to solve this problem, the application of Woven as we reported yesterday a simultaneous management of multiple social sharing site photos, today we introduce to you a very good backup application – Recollect. Three former Flickr employees have been trying to solve the problem we mentioned earlier, and they spent more than a year researching and developing, and finally created Recollect.

/ Yu Yongfu,

the differential development of the mobile Internet between China and the United States will directly affect the internationalization of Chinese companies.

when many start-up companies launched a similar service, help users to backup their data, but before these applications and services are basically service specific, such as a dedicated backup Twitter tool, Recollect support services are more widely. At the same time, Recollect has unearthed another function of such apps, which they call "rediscovery" – to help users sort out and mine their previously shared articles, photos, and so forth. Recollect backup data at the same time, the user’s data will be statistics and visualization, automatic generation of exquisite Statistics pictured below. At this point, Recollect is somewhat similar to time line generation applications such as and Timehop. Recollect’s team is also continuing to improve Recollect. One of Recollect’s founders, Christopher ·, Martin Christopher Martin, says they want to create an "intelligent backup" tool that helps users navigate and discover themselves

recently, sh419 Robin Li’s internal mail and the new YAHOO CEO have sent out a clear signal that they will focus their future business on the mobile terminal. It can be said that the future development of a common trend is MobileFirst, almost global Internet Co at the strategic level is to consider how to develop mobile devices strategy, and then discuss the PC side business. Many companies had to PC products and mobile products have now begun to make quite distinct from each other, the integration of PC and wireless two departments in the organization structure, or simply put together. If we take into account the Internet access now more and more young users, the first contact is the mobile phone, the future will now lead to the so-called PC less than the Internet mobile Internet, may even become a supplement to the latter.

over the past six months, I’ve done network testing in many parts of the United States and found that the quality of 3G is not as good as that of china. Later, I consulted some local friends in the communications network infrastructure to understand that the reason is that the amount of investment in the United States in China is far less than in China, 3G can not do all the coverage. It is also related to the concentration of population density in the cities of the United States, but not in china. But on the other hand, the rate of transition from the 3G to the 4G network in the United States will be very fast. As for WiFi, there is a big difference between East and West, like in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the WiFi is well covered, but Silicon Valley can not represent the United states.

the second difference is in production


Recollect helps users back up all of their social data, such as tweets on Twitter, sign in data on Foursquare, and photos that users share on social networking sites. In addition, Recollect also provides a very powerful search function, the user search is very convenient. For example, if you want to look for some time ago released on the Instagram photos of the dog, do not have to turn, the direct use of Recollect to search; if you want to find yourself before Foursquare tags in the best coffee shop, using Recollect to search a tweet; if you want to find out before, not another page the turn, with Recollect search.

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then, who has the advantage in this transition? I heard a voice saying that the new entrants in the mobile Internet will be more stressed. Because the PC side of Internet Co has a lot of precipitation in the user, operation and so on, once they turn over into the mobile Internet, these start-ups almost survive.

I think it needs reverse thinking. In fact, the advantages of Internet Co PC side may become their burden, because their accumulation is very deep, the performance rushed too fast for landing in the mobile may not have real innovation. For example, many of the PC end development teams move to the mobile terminal, one of the most easily overlooked issues is power consumption. On the contrary, mobile Internet Co because there is no burden, but more pure, all the problems only based on the mobile terminal to consider the problem.

but a comprehensive comparison between the United States and Asia in the development of mobile Internet, will find that the future differences between the two will become increasingly apparent, rather than gradually narrowing. This is the result of different lifestyles. The United States is a typical life in the country on wheels, everyone in a car, for the mobile Internet user experience and infrastructure will have a huge impact.

first of all, the infrastructure.

we generally have several accounts on different social networks, which cause us a lot of trouble. Not only to update the trouble, but more importantly, we share the content is extremely dispersed, and would like to backup it will be very troublesome. And if these sites fail, our data may no longer exist, which is a very serious problem.

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