What kind of website does individual stationmaster do most the most profitableHow to increase the un

fourth, color and size 336 that the price is the highest followed by 300… The color word is set as the content of the website color, the title is connected with the circulating..3 colors blue and red color. In 3 colors are under test, try the click high. Because each station is not the same, these 3 colors is my test for half a year the results of

since the site, to talk about their own GGAD optimization experience,.Ggad is the favorite of most webmaster, as for why, I do not need to say more. Many experts also write GGAD optimization techniques, today I will talk about their own experience.

keyword is not valuable, news, thief, quiz and so on many sites, is a summary of some, others are coming to your site looking for answers, rather than to business sites, because these stations, in addition to hanging point pop-up ads, click on the ads in CPC, who is CPM advertising. No one of these sites is pop open, some even hang around 2-3, also.

yesterday I a5id straw God in personal experience: how to quickly get traffic news station this article mentioned today, when it comes to what is the accurate flow, what keywords most worth to develop, so today will continue to give you personal website key word recognition. That’s the money making keywords.

then we must make use of the channel to block off the low priced advertising.

second, the first screen. This is not important, many of my friends do not understand what is called the first screen, when you enter a web site at the first sight of the content is the first screen advertising price is high in that position. The first screen is optimized.

path Personally think that the

nonsense did not say much, what is the precise flow, everyone is aware of, like to position their website keyword, can let the search bring real value, may not be the most fun online search hlstu.cn, you went to the best movie website, such even if the flow comes, there is no point that is a value, but also to make their website jump out rate is very high, so that the search engine on your site produce disgust may be serious drop right, so that the individual website traffic must do fine, do fine, produce accurate flow, where the interests of the big, now I have to do some keyword parents to make some personal comments.

key step optimization GG

because of my long soak in A5 trading, so no matter what the website is, see more, all popular words, the flow is king, no traffic to the website what are empty, how will the flow of IP into their favorite yuan, here to see you choose what good advertising, good products, after all, traffic is King ah, who do not want to own site has tens of thousands of IP, even the garbage station, the day hanging point of pop, that is money ah, but you can go long on this website, you have to look at the strength.

first, effect of price, the most important is the contents of the site, English station high price as we all know, but in fact, the price also has a good Chinese. My site content is not very good, is the famous quotes, but after the optimization unit also has 0. 05-0. Although 1.. Is not very high, but still higher than 0.01 individuals. Many friends think com than CN meters high price. English letters are higher than the Pingying..

third, the number of pages of advertising… I think a page click on the text not more than 2, the GGAD policy is 3. But 3 AD must not put a good price, I used to be 2, but now the price of 1, feel good, so please check from the station, not the more the better.

is now the Internet age, unlike 02 years behind, this is because in the era of progress, the cause of the rapid development of network, more and more workers engaged in website construction, website is not as good as before to make money, because whether it is personal website or large sites, the competition is more and more, in order to thousands of Internet sites, you have a seat for you, the website is more and more high requirements, both white hat and black hat SEO SEO, their ultimate goal is to make money, rather than simply that the website construction is a violent industry, as long as you do a simple website it can earn money, no matter what is garbage station or portal station, so now the individual stationmaster is increasingly unable to survive, because it is in this industry The competition is becoming more and more fierce.

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