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March 24th opened Huishan h as usual, at 11 in the morning before the performance. 11 points to 08 points, Huishan price of HK $2.73, down 2.83%, did not cause discomfort. After a minute, the stock began to accelerate down to 11:33, Huishan shares fell 11%. Unexpectedly, after 22 minutes, the stock quickly diving, the minimum fell to HK $0.275, down to 90%. The final 1 in the afternoon to suspend trading, Huishan stock price of HK $0.42, compared with the price plummeted 85%.

Huishan will end?

March 24th, Huishan 06863.HK began to fall at 11:30, from HK $2.81 per share fell to 1 in the afternoon when the suspension of HK $0.42, down over 85%, hit a single record decline in Hong kong. Its market value evaporated more than HK $32 billion in 90 minutes, leaving only HK $5 billion 660 million.


analysis of dairy expert Song Liang to "times weekly": "there will not exclude other industrial capital and financial capital into the Huishan assets on the whole is very good, but the price of raw milk is in a rising cycle."

1: site selection program /CMS. As far as my experience is concerned, I’ve wasted a lot of time and detours in this respect. I hope you don’t waste too much time. In the beginning, I spent more than 1 months on Joomla, because it was based on pseudo original English articles. The website needs to be updated every day, and the number of articles is too much. There’s nothing wrong with the idea, but it doesn’t work out well. For niche sites, the site building program is basically 2 choices: WordPress or XSite Pro2 as a static station. 2 different procedures of the station, each have a characteristic: WordPress has rich themes and plugins, have the background, but the file number, is not really a static page; XSite Pro2 static station, template may need to change their own, but no background, statistical tools less advantages are obvious, pure static station, does not occupy the site of the database, the data is stored on your local computer, move very convenient, less number of files, so, buy a virtual host, as long as the support of infinite domain, can build hundreds of stations. So generally speaking, it’s better to use XSite Pro2 to build niche sites. About the introduction of XSite Pro2 can see: like using word as station, static station, small business station choice.

business for thirty years, Huishan Empire and tens of billions of assets, came in 90 minutes to collapse, but Yang Kai not regret, there is more trouble waiting for him.

three: what about the content of English websites? Some people would say, "I don’t know English at all. I don’t collect it and don’t do it. Can I write it myself or translate it with shlf1314?"

two: the choice of domain names and keywords, this is a very important step, related to your site in the shlf1314 rankings and income. However, for English speaking station, how to choose domain names and keywords, there is a relatively perfect method and tools. Specific can see my this article: English keyword and English keyword search tool MNF.

caught off guard by a steep fall of

I don’t make any money in English, and it’s still in the investment stage. But the trend is obvious. The way is feasible. Most Chinese make English stations, there are probably several kinds: collection station / garbage station; cheating brush flow; a few industry station / integrated station. Collection station / garbage station such words, not too much investment, and not too much technical content, but this is not the best choice for the station. Here, let me talk about what I do now, and give me another choice. It’s a popular way to do it, but I think it’s especially good for everyone who doesn’t speak english. The disadvantage of this approach is that the initial needs to be invested, perhaps this is a lot of people do not want, and the advantage is that in the long run, income will be relatively stable, and value-added value-added sites and domain names will be relatively large. This is the very popular niche station abroad now. The following aspects were introduced under the plan to start the whole process of how the final Jianwai chain.

March 28th, Huishan announced that the Liaoning provincial government suggested that the company take measures, the overdue interest payable within two weeks, four weeks in group liquidity improvement. Now the past two weeks, Huishan situation not only has not improved, is facing more than half of the directors resigned, 546 million bank assets were frozen and other difficulties.

once in the whole industry chain development model for the dairy industry, landing H shares in 2013 a high-profile Huishan, behind the stock price collapse, what is the fatal factor? Face more than 70 creditors, at least 12 billion yuan of financial claims, how

prior to December 2016, the short muddy water agency Muddy Waters Research, bursts of two reports on the financial status of Huishan, directed at the performance and financial fraud, that Huishan value "is almost zero". After three months, Huishan debt, capital chain rupture because of the fact the stock price plummeted surfaced.

‘s stock price slump was not without warning. In December 2016, the short selling agency, muddy water Corp.

‘s share price of HK $0.42, the market value of HK $5 billion 660 million, two eye popping figures remain so far, Huishan in the subsequent announcement that the board of directors until the newest financial condition of the company before the suspension will continue.

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