Pandora new plant in Thailand vertical industrial chain model expected two years later jewelry pro

Thomas senior vice president Pandora Touborg said that at present the increasing demand, the Lamphun factory has greatly improved the production flexibility, the future will be based on the principle of lean production to create efficient production system of high level.


2015 mobile Internet recruitment industry again warming. In February 13th, free mobile recruitment, job seekers, "job navigation" announced the acquisition of Prudential Investment Pre-A round 30 million yuan financing.

workplace navigation founder Mr. Huang Haihua said, the current round of financing is to effectively expand the business in the new business model, plans 5 years in the domestic and overseas stock exchange listing, to provide professional HR services for businesses and job seekers around the world.

in addition, job hunting based on LBS can bring great convenience to college students. "A fresh graduates, do not understand the society, no way to judge the quality of the work, if you find based on geographic location, see the company’s job in a very remote place to go, if you close a job, security is also a great security."

, Pandora Pandora recently opened a new plant in Thailand, which will become the major manufacturing base for Pandora in the future, Reuters reported. After the construction of the new plant in Thailand, Pandora jewelry production time will be shortened to 4 weeks, Pandora plans to double the annual output capacity, by 2019 to reach 200 million jewelry production. In addition, Pandora also announced that it would invest $261 million to boost production capacity at existing plants in Bangkok.

is a Signet retail retailer, both manufacturers and retailers, and Pandora’s business promotes the development of Pandora with a light capital business model. Pandora relies more on hand making than on large machines, with the company mostly leasing and smaller retail stores.

, after the new plant was established, Pandora will employ 5000 new employees, concentrating on rings, earrings and other sophisticated products. In the design will consider more energy saving, water conservation, efficient use of resources, to create sustainable development in the middle end jewelry brand.

navigation www.jobLBS is the workplace occupation development platform based on mobile LBS recruitment, can take the initiative to find nearby jobs and talent, a key concern, to construct enterprise dynamic talent pool, through the workplace big data to provide users with personalized services to local social and workplace based on personal growth with occupation. Workplace navigation is born, that is, positioning the mobile Internet, based on the location of the nearest job search, which is the main advantage of the product.


The biggest difference between

Career Guide

lead: workplace navigation is the biggest difference is that it is free for job users and recruitment users.

so the question is – how free are the ends, and how is the business itself profitable? Du Xiaolong isn’t worried about that. "At the beginning of product design, the business model has been seamlessly embedded. In the future, as long as the flow can be done, you can have income."

moreover, Pandora has an environmental production center in Thailand, northern Lamphun, which reduces water and energy consumption for brands. Pandora relies on the integration of the vertical industry chain, so that every step of its business strategy can be under supervision and control.


"both high-end, medium or low-end job seekers, in fact," to the workplace near home "has a strong demand, now looking for work near home is becoming more and more popular." Du Xiaolong, co founder and managing director of workplace navigation, said.

workplace navigation program, the core of the profit point has two: first, the workplace big data accurate advertising, while on the enterprise, while on the individual. After mastering accurate data information, it is very beneficial to advertise. The two is value-added services, also based on big data in the workplace. "The imagination of the future will be very large."

research and development, Pandora resources will be concentrated landing in Thailand, coordination of brand core design and manufacturing resources. In 2013, Padora set up research and development centers in Thailand, including the designers of Copenhagen and Milan, who wanted to implement the existing technology at the factory and to participate in the development of new technologies. At present, there are 12 thousand and 400 craftsmen in Thailand, Pandora.

and workplace navigation is that it’s free for both job seekers and users. "Because recruitment is a traffic flow entrance, and ultimately to 360 as that, through free, deepen product experience, reshape product growth."." Du Xiaolong says.

had 36 krypton mentioned in the end, pricing level Pandora most frequently mentioned is its marketing model, including emotional story, theme, scene rendering more forms to shape the brand, give pearls meaning for sale to middle-class consumers love jewelry. Compared to the consumer marketing model, for the entire jewelry brand, its supply chain is also worthy of attention.

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