Anytree the latest pop ads online please invest Wangzhuan this way and go tired

below, I’m going to name a few of the more popular liars. Be careful,

makes money on income orders. Without the ability to rely on selling money making tutorial. Fortunately, I didn’t buy the server.. Later, several people who bought the server told me that 1 months down to earn the server, the money is in the hundreds of dollars of living expenses.

this attracted me. Continue to see, left 27365xxx, plus he understand, want to pay tuition. 300 yuan, I went to "sh419" search the next "Japan mission", the results saw a lot of related sales are tutorials, also said that the daily income of several hundred dollars or the day of settlement.. And the price of the tutorial is 600-800 yuan. Voice and video tutorials.. Remote assistance instruction

I have been cheated, cheated. Know the feeling after the first do not say lose money even worse is to hope the project burst, but the consequences are often caused by their own greed because I had about 30 yuan in revenue every day. But do vote task done friends know how hard to earn 50 yuan T task. Every day from morning till night will continue to pass data. Only when the rest of the data to see how transfer had been broken down for.1 months, would rather go to work to work but do not forget to "sh419" search "task" to see. The highest state of Japan "every single task" Wangzhuan registered 12 yuan -20 yuan novice 1 hours can be completed in 20-30 minutes after the daily income of 300-500.

latest pop-up ads online, please station owners!

I can’t do it without server. The problem has come again, the task of low price net needs to examine and verify, basically be 1 months or so. And there’s a closure problem. In other words, you still can’t make money. Later asked several people to know. The Japanese mission can not be done.

pull off the assembly line only foreign Wangzhuan PTC>

League address:

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback ,

each big Wangzhuan forum. The essence of top propaganda theme. More than 50% pure cheats, the rest is pulling offline liar

I was confused and looked back for $300. I bought the tutorial, and he gave me a tutorial. In great detail, I tried to do it. In the course of the process, it took me hours to know I was cheated. Japan blocked the mainland IP, so the task of high price network can not do, only to do low-cost, want to make high prices, the need to buy servers 1 months, 1500 yuan or so costs. No money, no investment..

" 20click" everyone knows is a liar, and now like this liar out again, like what 450click, 300 seconds, and so on. 20click cheated on the high level on the million. Can be said that the history of Wangzhuan cheated the number amount chief

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