Regional Talent Network from online to offline marketing strategy

himself was fortunate to have worked in the regional talent network and had a certain understanding of the talent network. Talent network can make money? Absolutely. Most of the talent network models are free services, job seekers, fees service enterprises. As with the traditional line in the industry is different, "free to find a job" slogan resounding, talent network has become hot. A lot of individual stationmaster also gradually join in, individual stationmaster is in order to contend for flow, contend for keyword to be first. But because the talent network is facing enterprises, personal Adsense in the face of unfamiliar network, don’t believe personal Adsense enterprise boss, become unprofitable, can’t let the website develop.

faces a new generation of job seekers who are familiar with the Internet, as well as the last generation of bosses who are not familiar with the internet. Only from the Internet, combined with marketing, brand building, in order to truly operate a good talent network.

do keyword ranking

job search resources are the first and most important component of the website. No matter how good your website is, if your site does not have a candidate’s resume, it will not bring any recruitment results to your company, and your website’s value is zero. First of all, a good website related keywords ranking, regional talent network is generally based on "XX talent network" and "XX recruitment network" based. As long as the target words are made, and the user is registered to fill out the resume, then there is a basic resume.

assist in completing non network resume

for most enterprises and manufacturers, more often than not to recruit college students, white-collar workers such as regular Internet access, but some skilled workers. But such people are less likely to access the Internet themselves, let alone register their resumes online. For these users, the best thing to do is the phone. Therefore, talent network is not only an online recruitment platform, but also a telephone recruitment platform. You need to print some flyers and sign service calls to all industrial areas. Then, when a job applicant calls you, you type in your resume and put it online for business review. When you have a business offer, you can inform them of the role of a matchmaker. As long as there are enough technical staff resources, in this era of lack of skilled workers, I believe that for enterprises, you are very popular.

hyped up fame,

this is very important, why some talent network ranking is very good, many job seekers, but there is no enterprise to cooperate with it, the reason is "did not hear of this site."". Talent network is not only for job seekers, but also for enterprise recruitment units. Offline billboards, brochures, posters, as long as you can’t make ends meet, try as much as possible. The place where I worked before also wrapped up the city’s bus body ads and thought about the effect of your ads running around the city every day.

seize the opportunity to do the activity

why do activities, activities, not just performance?

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