Elle the overall development and planning of the fashion community in Tianjin

      sharing the experience;

in Emily it, will involve more than 80% of the theme of people’s daily life, such as shopping experience to share the most popular, here, you can not only know where the roses on Valentine’s Day is the cheapest, which stores when the sale will be held and other information, and you can get all kinds of shopping is very detailed the.. "Consumer sharing is not an advertisement for what to shout, but a recommendation like a friend, just like a real chat. It’s different from someone standing here and sending you a business card.". Consumer advertising without a deep experience is by no means what consumers really need. They love to shop, delicacy users are often love "show" group, they will be very happy to share the experience of a variety of display, and the website good atmosphere and many users respond is their greatest satisfaction and motivation. In the replies to the user, most of these "eat and drink information" very needs of people, so this share is also sought after by them. "The members here will be very selfless to their shopping experience the fastest and most detailed, and without any return, that kind of sharing spirit, people feel very good."."

local values,

‘s borderless, zero hour traffic has created many business opportunities. Zhejiang’s edible mushrooms can be sold to New York via Alibaba, new records in London can also be purchased online in Beijing, and Google’s ads are filled with well known, unknown websites and so on. At the same time, the Internet also did not completely out of the reality of geographical and cultural boundaries, but relying on this, on the Internet such a unique area, the boundaries of the Internet also reflects the superior viscosity and increasing value. Similar to Elle, a consumer community website called "19 buildings" is famous in Hangzhou. Especially for the young women here in Hangzhou, it’s basically a necessary place to surf the Internet every day, and it takes a long time to stay. These users are also mainly from Hangzhou and its surrounding areas. In the 19 floor, you can learn the most authentic "Hangzhou dishes" approach, you can also experience a strong Hangzhou customs. Here, a pecan can be hot enough, in short order. Localization is like a magnifying glass, and the sharing of information and experience plays a greater role under the premise of localization. If out of localization, such consumption experience sharing will be greatly devalued, such as Beijing shopping experience is difficult to provide to Guangzhou users to refer to, and Hangzhou’s eating habits are difficult to be Sichuan people learn from. More importantly, in the long-term atmosphere of localization, regional factors play a subtle role. For example, the publication of the 15 year boutique shopping guide, the newspaper is still very popular in Beijing, but sales in Shanghai are very different.

business prospects

is a community of local cultures whose value of user concentration and viscosity is higher than the absolute number of users

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