Mop cloud OA government edition to make you stand out from the busy government affairs

whether government agencies or enterprises, there will be a large number of copies need to be dealt with, complex workflow needs to be arranged, and decision makers need to make important decisions according to the confused information. Having an intelligent and information-based office system is essential for office personnel, and the improvement of work efficiency is obvious.

At present, the government expenditure

internal control in the lack of control, asset management is weak, will soon control weakening, post setting unreasonable, weak budget control and other major issues, cloud OA online collaborative office can make government workers become easy and convenient, the office of the platform on the transmission of information, conduct business, asset management, can promote the integration of the original decentralized business relationship collaborative government agencies so in OA, and between different departments in different industries to accelerate information, will close the government departments at all levels in the network information together, and institutions together to achieve cooperative e-government, resource sharing, scientific decision-making.

office is user-friendly, and the government OA system should be able to effectively and effectively provide traces retention and electronic signatures and other functions, as far as possible to simulate the traditional office document processing flow and mode of operation. Especially for some senior leaders, old leaders, you can design and provide some user-friendly operation mode, the document online editing, support WORD/EXCEL, support traces retention, electronic seals. System design and electronic signature system should be friendly interface, easy to use and high security.

online OA system can be a good solution to some of these column problems. Provide information services for government decision-making and daily office management, improve office efficiency, reduce staff burden, save office expenses, change the traditional management ideas and models, to improve the management and quality of staff, in order to achieve the government scientific decision-making, paperless, savings.


government staff every day need to spend a lot of time to deal with the document, the core content of government office automation is the document processing, and cloud OA platform paperless office processes automatic transfer, save time, improve efficiency, reduce human error, professional document dispatch module, fully meet the practical habits of government departments. Facilitate query process execution, as well as the process of the responsible person, the relevant document information, according to the implementation of the status of the next operation automatically and determine the work of the executor.

mop cloud OA support mobile, offsite office. With the advent of the 3G mobile era, it is a strong demand of the party and government organs to work at any time and place. Therefore, the government OA should have powerful mobile office or remote office functions. At present, mobile OA has become a part of collaborative OA and occupy an increasingly important position, it will be collaborative documents, process and communication on the OA list, schedule, document management, notification and other functions to migrate to the mobile phone terminal. Mop cloud OA based on the requirements of government departments, launched mobile office OA solutions, and make full use of GPRS or 3G network, so that you can work online anytime, anywhere

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