What should do if start a business

last night and money online buddy chat the Internet business, buddy views more pessimistic, and I lost some "buddy in high and vigorous spirits", compared to "negative attitude", I am outspoken that their attitude, if three years ago business, I will choose Web2.0 times of the video industry. Because only the video site is likely to be bigger, there is the possibility of listing, and entrepreneurs like to "listed" as the goal, do not choose video sites, it will always be listed and say bye bye.

Internet has entered the era of Web2.0, in the Web2.0 era, whether blogs, podcasts, Witkey, Zhike, money and so on, to a "guest" at the end of the Web2.0 mode to meet the majority of users of the grassroots lust for fame, play a "copycat king" role, compared to portal, search engine, e-commerce website veteran they began, under the banner of "the bright younger generation" banner carve up the Internet domain, in which many "guest", most people like is a podcast.

Why choose

podcast, analysis of the reasons, I think that several other "guest" there are still some problems, such as Witkey, we can think of is the electronic commerce mode of derivatives, and with the social demand of real industry e-commerce than to the creative industry e-commerce needs, plus some congenital Witkey mode the abuse, which can lead to grow. The blog doesn’t need to go into details, but the characteristics of the blog determine that it must become a dependency of the portal, rather than being alone. Just look at the man made money, the money is in the online journal, this site is not too high threshold, not scalable, unable to support the huge business model. Thinking of sina’s penetration into a SNS module can transform itself into a powerful SNS platform, and its services are too threatening for the portal.

in this case, video has become the most promising Web2.0 mode. First of all, the market is large enough to be favored by venture capitalists, followed by competition threshold. Strong intervention in the capital market, part of the video sites have emerged. Until now, the pattern of video sites has become clearer. In fact, in several modes, only the video site is possible to appear on the market.

The most direct profit model of

video website is advertising. At present, because of the clearer positioning mode of video users and traffic, the video website has gradually gained public recognition. In spite of the established pattern of problems is difficult to obtain the "right", but the video site is the existence of the commercial value, in the vast majority of advertisers, video website is not only a public viewing communication platform, but also a new media has considerable influence, and dissemination of the value of new media is the most advertisers the value of.

The value of

video sites is beginning to come to light. For example, cool 6 transition video portal, want to enhance the brand of video sites a grade. Including with Kang Sheng cooperation to provide video services on the idea for the small owners

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