How to get enterprise website requirements

outsourcing enterprise website outsourcing project is a pit, sometimes more difficult than their own products.


provides Web site services to enterprise customers, we usually need to understand the requirements. Here is a brief summary of the needs of common enterprise websites.

one. Roughly

existing website can be divided into: existing websites need revision, existing websites need to be built, and no websites need to be built. This will have some reference value to the existing website.

enterprise website browsing group positioning should be the first, a browse group positioning. Are general browsers, potential consumers, in-house personnel, job seekers, or foreign users?. Most of the enterprise website should be for the general consumer, some have foreign trade nature, we must consider the use of other language users, involving language version of the problem.

The estimated number of visitors to the

site involves the selection of the web server.

website construction purpose (function localization)

includes the following functions:

enterprise display campaign (mainly promoting the company’s environment and strength)

releases information (via web sites to learn about enterprise updates)

to strengthen communication and communication with customers (such as product online consultation, sales, complaints, etc.)

product display (via web site for product details), web recruitment (post recruitment information),

online mall (implementation of e-commerce)

business and customer management (online management of business performance and customer data)

product flow management (product inventory, inventory management)

other functions (possibly other functional localization).


function can be selected, the general enterprise website for the first five basic functions.

website late operation promotion

When the

site is built, do you run it yourself or outsource it?. What promotion means will be used after construction, network advertisement, Baidu alliance or SEO?. These are additional requirements that may follow.

two. Overall demand

site column


function of the corresponding column, the common column has the following: enterprise introduction, enterprise culture, enterprise news, product display, enterprise recruitment, contact information, member center, online booking, online store, and some also have the customer case, service items.

lists the specific framework according to the column, and the above is a simple icon.

site layout:

The layout of the

web site is that each column is pieced together, and usually the layout of the home page is the most important

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