Analysis of the reasons for the continuous decrease in website Collection


website optimization is the worst site down, it is obvious to the opposite direction, the normal site optimization is to improve the amount collected to improve website ranking, and included the amount of decline is certainly optimization problems or problems with the site itself. For this, most of the webmaster encountered a similar situation, today in the forum to see such a post, I share the website included why decline:

first of all, to the author of a small station to explain the reasons for the decline included, such as:


can be seen from the diagram. Every day included are decreasing, and the webmaster said, increase the chain can improve the site included, pictures can know, in fact the chain for the role included just a little bit, sometimes even no effect. So, don’t put the chain can improve, included confusion. For the reasons for the decline included, the author analyzed the following:

content repeatability is too high,

, where this happens is usually a collection station and a copy and paste station. This site even though a new snapshot, included fast, but found by the search engine included after the database has the same content, while the weight of your web site itself is low, then it will be deleted, so there will be own website after fall. For every day to update the original web site, this situation will not appear, not believe can search, lead to have original content of the site, this kind of Web site will only increase in succession, and will not decline in turn.

content is worthless,

search engine also focus on user experience, so in order to meet the user experience of the website and our development. As for how to determine whether the spider valuable content, through many methods, such as the paragraph format, which is the most basic judgment, a perplexing content naturally won’t have what value, can reading is still a problem, and the contents of a variety of invalid code, such as no use DIV tags. These are the ways in which spiders judge the value of content. But most of the time, the spider will crawl through the whole station, according to the amount of reading website, although it is the existence of the value of chicken ribs, but the search engine determine the content of the website, the weight high site, rarely happen, cause you know.

content page URL invalid

can generally be called a dead link. Many webmaster often modify code or revision in the website, there will be a part of the page not open, this is the ultimate culprit manufacturing dead links, and many even set up 404 pages are included in the amount of decline, especially some of the content page using the dynamic, because of the dynamic itself with some special symbols. So, let the search engine grab.

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