Three major taboos in website optimization

Now a lot of

SEO level is uneven, many couples are blindly imitate the old station, leading to a lot of websites are carved out of a mold, in fact, this is a big problem, since the site must be done according to their own needs, others are not necessarily good, in website optimization there are many obvious mistakes but many people are still in the imitation, below I have listed three kinds of the most common mistakes, for your reference

1, popups

pop appeared most belong to the medical industry, all kinds of pop like right in the middle of the pop off will come out, do not turn off directly to the lower right corner of the dialog box, or some QQ jitter appearance, people mistakenly thought it was their QQ information, click on the go is business. This is the website will pop into the road to ruin, the user can not very good watch website, through the Baidu thermodynamic diagram, will find a middle pop website bounce rate is significantly higher than that without intermediate pop websites, some pop even without closing the window, the user either click on either. This is a very clear mistake.



2, bottom navigation


bottom navigation is a popular website design method, but I don’t recommend this kind of bottom navigation,

first and bottom navigation is an obvious back link, which is very detrimental to optimization and is a clear error in intra chain optimization.

second, by Baidu thermodynamic diagram, you will find that the bottom navigation is basically no one click on the bottom navigation, although the intention may be convenient for users, but did not achieve this effect, no attention, how convenient, than in other places to do better, if it is convenient for the users can do "back home" click on the bottom of this, but now most people at the bottom of the navigation is solely for the purpose of the website looks beautiful.

3, bottom back chain

At the bottom of the

chain back is a great harm to the site, a lot of people at the bottom add back to the chain, more than seven or eight, this is very Baidu spider, although in 09 years is very useful, but it is obviously cheating, suggest the bottom chain back to make a sufficient.

There is a lot we need to pay attention to the

website optimization, listed above is three of the most common problems, personal advice is to avoid and avoid, so not only for the user experience is the Baidu is able to enhance the quality of the. (this article is originated by Tong Chengyong, seo blog, reprint, please indicate the source)

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