At the beginning of 2010 this is a sign of the improvement of the nternet Environment

2010 has already begun, years ago this storm did not intensified, seems to have gradually subsided, if new year means the end of the block, meaning that the network environment has improved, the grassroots webmaster really cried. The Internet is the pioneer of social development, we are still willing to believe that the development of the network will be a more open and harmonious environment, and hope that personal websites can have good development.

although the relevant policies have not issued a positive notice to improve the network environment, and no relevant policies to ease the grassroots webmaster survival environment, but some small details, so that the webmaster to see the hope. At the beginning of 2010, perhaps I should look forward to the future with a good mood. I believe that the Internet environment will be better and better. In A5 Adsense network see a few news, although not representative of policy adjustment, but people see the hope.

article "a number of BT sites shut down or rectification interpretation of" seventy-two changes ", years ago on the video site" off station "storm attracted a lot of attention and ordinary user concerns. Because there is no "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", many video websites were closed, the video sharing site closure or transformation, once let ordinary users are injured, worried about the future can not be timely in line to see the recent film and television information. Now, the beginning of the new year, a number of BT sites began to change seventy-two, so that users see the hope. Although only changes, but the possibility of the opportunity to show that policy is relatively loose, users download online video and online watching film and television works have not been affected. Now is the change, to the back of the gradual recovery, may be adjusted and improved later, there will always be a day of development and maturity.

, "UUCall domain name recovery, resolution, reopened in February 4th", this news is no doubt exciting. Someone once wrote "UUcall network phone all Caomin" show that most of the use of UUCall is to grassroots users can now restore DNS, re open, grassroots user interests are protected. Although we do not know the UUCall website was closed for what reason, all kinds of rumors constantly, but at the beginning of this year, the site is to re open, we are willing to believe that the relevant departments in the majority of ordinary consumers to share, let the site reopened, but also a user is more comfortable and convenient communication network.

in addition, "the Ministry of Public Security said that from the Internet users to report clues to see 80% porn stand overseas," this news reminds me that "one size fits all" may be the end. Years ago, the network rectification movement, many sites because innocent "involved Huang", as long as the same room has a machine "yellow", the entire computer room will get rid of the doom of the network. Thus, the use of "one size fits all" one-sided means, want to crack down on bad information network, take it for granted that as long as the cable is drawn, bad information will be gone. Now I know, the network broke, and many pornographic websites are still "free of charge", not affected at all, and only now do these so-called departments know that the servers of these pornographic websites are abroad

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