How to do QQ girls head class special station access to nearly 10 million traffic

Hello, I am a meat meat, once in the webmaster online wrote some SEO optimization ranking articles. But it is all about a year ago! After a year of silence, to rely on the SEO rankings to get traffic there has been some new knowledge, especially to this and we talked about the exchange! Actually write this article about how to optimize the QQ station the girl head has two purposes. The first is to increase the number of these websites are currently operating links, and two is to borrow A5 this platform to pay some of the current station in the special station friends, (QQ category, Taobao, customers, industry categories can) expand some contacts. Everyone can join a group of joint cooperation, common communication! Expand contacts, I think this also every Internet grassroots webmaster want to do things!


first introduced this year I do website! Currently in operation is QQ girl head - the two meters of the station master station includes total traffic on 5000IP every day, weekend traffic can float above 10000! This is the unique characteristics of QQ station! We can wonder why I used to go to the two level domain do stand, instead of multiple top-level domain name to do stand! Here I explain it! Produce without reasons is the top-level domain name renewal fees are too high! There is currently the national record is very strict, for each domain name for the record, picture it is too cumbersome! I think every webmaster do stand are want to do for as long as possible, rather than doing a year to throw a number! In the end what also have no understanding of Baidu; in fact the two level domain and the top-level domain name is the same, will serve as an independent domain name and then go to look at! I have very good use to do a special station, an independent domain name can be resolved two level domain theory is infinite! Each of the two level domain to correspond to a topic, this operation is convenient for the optimization of search engine rankings, and more love thematic content, such as Baidu! It will give a thematic content better ranking method under paragraph! I will introduce the specific operation of the thematic content of

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actually do this two domain special station benefits! First, beneficial to the user experience as a user QQ! Search the girl’s head came to my station, showing in front of her all may be girls such as QQ static head, QQ head of the lovely girls, not unrelated the article such as QQ expression, QQ name or something. Such a better retention of users, this operation is likely to get SE bonus points; second, do so more compatible search engine. Baidu is a very important factor for ranking is the content relevance and links relevance judgments! Operation stations just meet the ranking algorithm of search engine needs! A5 recently sold group purchase station system is the fire you may have learnt a little, the coverage they produced and the same intelligence I have described, all is this! (and the fact that the two level domain do topic than level two directory do the advantages of large projects in the ranking of many, this QQ girl head I stand in the building after a month, girl "

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