Also about how new sites faster better search engine included

with the development of the Internet, personal Adsense more and more, then your a new station, how to make the search engine better and faster included?.

first of all, I am not an expert in this field. I can only talk about my views.

1, at the beginning of the station, choose a good program and a beautiful and simple template. I prefer the simple ones.

home page, do not put too many things, and some templates home page does have a lot of things, after opening, IE accounted for more than 50MB of memory, this is not good. Reduce properly.

Don’t put too many things on the

content page. Go up and down with a related message.

the most important thing is, first do not put advertising, because advertising may affect your speed, and then there is no income now, it is better to make web pages look more concise.

2, the website is faster. Now see the 8 line of the main line of sale (Chinese characteristics, I do not know which eight lines, the comrades know, ha ha ha, long view.


and the prices are getting cheaper. Or buy a foreign host, usually hundreds of G size, can be unlimited site, to join the domestic CND alliance, the speed is also very fast.

3, the outer chain. Just site, not included, no PR. For the time being, don’t look for links. Their own out of the chain, and so on the last 10 days, normal words, Baidu included, and then find links will be much better.

then how do you get out of the chain? Where information can be posted online, you can leave your web site. Baidu knows the answer to a few questions, HI.BAIDU, which applies for a BLOG,

the most critical is to write some of them can be reprinted articles: Raiders, all kinds of experience, experience, and so on, and soon you will be more than the chain. The spider will come,


4, keep updated. Not included, it does not matter, but must keep updated, every day 20 articles on the line, it is best to original or reprinted from several stations, change the title and content.

don’t write a rule. All of them are collected from one station.

met a friend a few days ago, that is, and I said he was a lot of original content, that is not included, I do not know why. Later told me that I did not know.

early because there is no data, a lot of people want to collect, filling content, then slowly add the original, but everything must have a degree ah, you are early in front of the station, it is not included. Looking for something less famous, even in 2003, is stronger than these.

recently QQ station crazy increase, I also catch a trend, get a


QQ space station

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