New stationmaster to be about to become stationmaster friend’s words

anyway, it’s been a year since we set up a website. There should be a lot of experience and lessons from it. Maybe this kind of thing is a treasure for a new hand or for yourself. There is often an impulse to write down the process. However, it is impossible to speak of a pen, but it is also busy with all kinds of locks and forgotten. Today, these things are recorded, only for reference.

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himself is a webmaster, but not Kebanchushen, establishment is not technology from the interest, and even HTML are not skilled, ha ha.

first, I said, what the site does not have the difficult, are now using the CMS system, as long as you are willing to work hard, humbly ask to learn, to adhere to it, through practice and their efforts can survive, so the establishment of the first step, to dispel their fears about it, tell what he did not difficult, I can fix.

if you do these, determined to have one of their own website, the second step is the location of the site and to do what kind of station, to be divided into several channels, to let it do, preliminary to design a framework of your own website. However, we should be according to their own situation to design ten, design cannot be too large, covering too much, so for a novice, after the update and maintenance will be a very difficult thing, can not be too simple, enough space, but also to set aside the final development of the website altogether that is to let everyone see the actual situation of their own.

Localization of

on the website: a good theme, a good idea to potential website more, I think it should not follow the trend of the network popular, not what to build what kind of website, so you must pay more than the other owners of the energy, but the effect is very good. Must have their own characteristics, this is not to say, we play to their imagination, the best we can according to their own tastes, because of you this stuff more familiar, in the choice of content is not blindly


then is the choice of website program: most of the owners have been using the CMS system, but now so many programs, such as PHPCMS, PowerEasy, dream, empire…… Which one shall we choose? What time shall I say?. First, according to the needs of their own website, choose the right program, need not function how powerful, just need for yourself. Two, see whether the operation of the program is easy to use, whether it is easy to develop and modify the template. Three, to its official website to see if members are active, for members of the questions raised, administrators can even if the answer, if in the future use of what problems can be solved in time. Four, the expansion of the program, the development of the website after you may need not now function, good scalability can be integrated with other procedures to achieve, such as my current website structure is phpcms+pocle+Discu>

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