Webmaster Station web game intermodal platform need to curry favor with the object

The outbreak of

web games in 2009 also spawned a large number of web game joint operation platforms, such as playing League, cool League, bubble play, YES play, 51 play and so on. In addition to the bubble play, YES play, with the parent company’s background, with huge webmaster resources, other platforms are faced with how to recruit personal Adsense registration issues. Through advertising to attract people to join, expensive and time-consuming (and necessary), to expand the platform capacity in a short period of time, so many platforms also hope to be able to take some shortcuts, and a rapid increase in the number of its platform to join the webmaster. Have a lot of personal webmaster resources of the station, station, station, source forum program free domain name, space station and system providers and so on website and the company became the joint operating platform for sweet steamed bun, have to cooperate with the.

currently cooperates mainly in two ways, namely, joint operation and commission commission. The combined operation refers to the webmaster resources taking use of their resources to recommend owners to join the joint operation platform, recommended by the owners through the joint operation platform benefit, to obtain certain benefits from it, take this way to play the league, taking 15% -20% webmaster Resources Commission recommended (the proportion of individual stationmaster he can get 40% commission into). And the recommended commission means that the webmaster resource providers recommend webmaster to join the joint operation platform, access to certain recommended commission. Bubble play and UU1001 cooperation is estimated to take such cooperation. Play league also for small and medium-sized webmaster resource providers put forward the cooperation of this model, called Adsense union. Cool alliance has also introduced a recommendation webmaster to join, you can get 10 yuan reward. Webmaster resource providers as long as through their own resources to recommend a webmaster registration, that is to say, successfully recommend a webmaster words, total can get 5-10 yuan of cash reward. If a station station traffic is good, it will be a good way to make money by recommending users for the joint operating platform. If you are a webmaster, you can try it. The joint operation platform is infinite, welcome you.

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