What’s the painful pace of independent blogs in the new era

in the new era of network, many things are likely to change, not to mention the Internet veteran product independent blog, the independent blog is also looking for a different development path, to its defects in the reform of desalination. But the effect is not satisfactory. In addition to the early development of the famous Bo, the late entry into the independent blog is only a result, that is out of the market. This is not because there is no intention to think the blog post operation, just as in the present stage, the problems of the development of independent blog is too much, some external factors and subjective factors that disturb the blog do not concentrate products, even make products in the promotion and marketing is stretched. So you can see the development prospects you have called the time independent blog, but this noise in later evolved into rumor rumors. Of course, it must be misleading for the novice, so here I want to analyze the development of independent blogs again. I hope the interested friends can learn something from it.

The rhythm of

is speeding up and there are many kinds of network information. Now this era is an era of fast-paced, express, express, fast food, no one is not the pursuit of fast, this reason is derived from two aspects, one is the time to speed up the pace, humans have adapted to this complex society, there is no way to stop the foot step or not disrupt the pace of the times. An independent blog, more likely to be hastily after reading the past, and the true need to analyze the rational thing would be ignored, of course, because the network era is an era of information explosion, so a huge amount of information has led to many independent blog was overwhelmed by the enormous information. This information will allow users to lose the ability to judge, but at the same time, many people will lose their ability to update their blogs, give up independent blog, the above two primary objective Because of the independent blog development difficult become a necessity.

reading patterns change, fragmented reading becomes mainstream. By changing the objective conditions, subjective idea is changing, in such huge amount of information, it is very likely that people for a large segment of the text has lost patience, more through the fragmentation of reading to get the main information, these fragmented reading offers more direct the answer, make people ignore to find the rhythm, this intuitive reading is more suitable for people to get the answer, there are other forms of reading then make people satisfied, so the overall reading mode change, let the independent blog is difficult to obtain the living space, are also unable to obtain development opportunities, but also with fragmented reading status continuous improvement, independent blog status will be more low, falling into a vicious circle.

has more information media and wider choice. Then, due to the fragmentation of the habit of reading, came into being a different information media, such as micro-blog, WeChat such a collection of subscription function and social information transmission media, so that information can be spread, which can meet people in a short time reading.

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