Speaking from the point of entrepreneurial experience how to set up a network studio

was very enthusiastic about the Internet, always wanted to join the Internet industry, with the enthusiasm, dedication! I turn, turn again, I finally stepped on the road! 2001 occupation technical secondary school before graduation to work assigned to a jewelry factory, and worked hard for two years. As a result, I left the factory with a salary of less than 800 yuan. Because my major is computer reading, then I found a computer to do maintenance work, feeling good, do so after half a year by the invitation of friends, took a advertising company, for the design, a little do not understand, also made some small pieces, a small design I admire myself, oh. For personal reasons, I left. Later, friends took over the advertising company seems to have changed hands. As a result, I jumped into the beautiful Foshan, penniless, and entered a company where my friend was working. It was a job in the computer city. The job is all right. I’ve been doing it for almost three years. Since the last business is not good, automatic turnover. When I in the society with six or seven years of experience, but without any success. Nothing to do, meditation, give up, the original thing, intends to enter a new industry, do software business. This time, I met a small start-up company, which also had a great impact on my future business. I joined them, factor, we have two common points, he also represents a set of software, I was also acting a set of software. After joining his start-up company, we did the market together. In the process, I entered the website design, website construction, this industry, in fact, I have done some small websites and so on. Because one of my classmates is to do website construction, and in the local is also a better network company.

in such a working environment, I was hoping that I and my classmates would set up an Internet company. So second years after the Spring Festival in March, I was leaving, I was looking for the classmates, chat, said entrepreneurship, ha ha, the results of our June formal rent to the office, and our office also feel very good, in the local is no wonder the xiamen. In this way, Dianshizhai network studio set up! The original two boys small team, later invited my classmates before my colleagues, do very cattle, join us, with the friend, our design is quite good, remember when a group of KTV also gave us a little studio take, signed the contract, then think about yourself is very great, business less than three months, he received such influential customers

, ha ha!

so, the development of my studio smoothly! Until nearly a year, we have moved to another office building, the office environment is a little bigger than before, feel good! Today is the end of May, a friend said a web site meituan to me, then I it took two or three days to understand, then give me a feeling that this model is very good, so he got together and talked, you.

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