Zhang Changdong remember website operation six word collection

last year, a friend of mine in Tianjin heard that I was doing a web site, saying he knew CEO, Li Xiang, a friend of his classmates. I was overjoyed and hurried him to visit me for some time. A few days later, my friend went to visit me and brought me 4 words: the original and the shooter. In addition, I added two words to my experience: authority.

industry website operation six words collection: original, gunmen, authority.


master see these words from the component, rookie see is just a few words. Zhang Changdong had no great achievements, but are willing to initiate, hope these words let the webmaster industry especially the website operators can learn some experience. Below I combined with the experience for everyone one by one,

experience the power of "original"

about content originality, often ask me, and I discuss website operation, I first see is content. If you really run a website, if you don’t have good content, just a few skills are useless. Not only should the content be original, but also useful, unique, and new.

we have seen a lot of websites and have spent a great deal of effort on content. We have brought together industry experts, professional writers, websites abroad and so on. It is worth learning. I in the "industry website summary of a year," a text mentioned, sweater net through its original, just a few months, PR reached 4, Baidu included more, update fast. Not to mention that profits are not profitable. Just the website itself, which has good content, can be considered a good site. The site has also been profitable for a year, and has to say it’s an original force.

site to profit, to be a good shooter,

What does profit of

website rely on? Depend on advertisement, rely on an enterprise to advertise. If you can make the customer feel the price is worth, the website profit is not far away. Web site is a media, to learn how to package yourself, packaging enterprises and promote out, in order to bring benefits. This is the nature of an advertisement, in addition to hard advertising, there are recommendations, brand cooperation, promotion soft Wen and so on.

, a website advertising, and can not simply hang on a few pictures, simply published a soft text. Can really find customer needs, find their own advantages, find the best combination of marketing, and quietly convey the corporate image, product. What you see in the charts and recommendations is nothing more than the shooter’s approach.

everyone who watched the Spring Festival Gala knows it. CCTV Spring Festival Gala joint famous actor, joint advertising manufacturers, brazenly in our new year’s Eve dinner "stones."". Spring Festival Gala is a gunman, standing in the advertising manufacturer’s position: "you do not watch the program, it is our advertising."."

doesn’t say it’s brilliant, but it can’t get paid when you’re not a good shooter.

Spring Festival Gala, why can blatantly go to the food do not like to eat "stone"?

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